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Decision to have a cosmetic surgery brings along many different concerns; although the cosmetic procedures are carried in a very safe and comfortable conditions, there are many questions that needs to be replied before making a final decision. First question of the people who consider to have a hair transplant is usually “how long does a hair transplant last?”  and it is completely normal.

Are hair transplant results permanent?

Hair transplant procedures promise life-long results; the procedure aims to provide the most permanent and satisfactory result to patients with revolutionary and high-quality techniques. The transplanted hair follicles are not artificial implants but patient’s own hair follicles; so the expectation here is for natural growth cycle to keep going after hair transplant.

The hair follicles keep their original structure after the procedure and grow just like when in their original place. In order to estimate how would the structure of transplanted hair be and have an insight on how long does a hair transplant last, you can take your donor area as reference.

Male pattern baldness is triggered by DHT hormone; the harvested hair follicles in the donor area are accepted to be resistant to DHT hormone and they keep their resistance after the hair transplant procedure in their new place.

Hair transplant has proved its effectiveness and long-term results and convinced many patients for hair restoration saving them money and time spent on temporary and ineffective treatments.

Is it possible to need another hair transplant in the future?

Another common question other than how long does a hair transplant last is whether it is possible to need further treatment after having hair transplant once. Although it is not so common, it is possible to need more than one sessions of hair transplant in some conditions to achieve more desired and satisfactory results.

Need for multiple hair transplants usually does not derive from the shedding of the transplanted hair (if you do not suffer from an interfering medical condition) but occurs when hair loss is a pattern type and it continues to effect the surrounding original hair area of transplanted hair. The new follicles are already resistant to the pattern hair loss; however, the remaining original hair may keep shedding and patients may want to have more sessions for a fuller look.

Hair transplant is a delicate and a long operation; this can be another reason for multiple sessions although it would be more expensive. Some patients may want to divide their treatment in more than one sessions for shorter sessions and a more comfortable experience; this is especially beneficial for treatment plan with high number of grafts.

Shock loss

Shock loss is a factor which makes the patients hesitant about the permanence about their results; shock loss. In the first months after the hair transplant operation, patients may experience their transplanted hair to fall out. This is completely normal; however, it gives the patients an impression as if their operation were unsuccessful at first which is not correct.

After the shock loss period, the transplanted hair follicles will begin their growing cycle and it may take around a year for them to complete it. Patients seeking for an answer for the question of “how long does a hair transplant last?” should be familiar with shock loss.

Factors affecting the success and permanence of hair transplant

Suitable treatment planning

Although hair transplant is a very developed hair restoration treatment, it requires adequate effort in the treatment planning process since the surgery should be custom-made. Without knowing the needs and expectations of the patients, it is hard to achieve desirable results.

Proper aftercare

Hair transplant recovery is very easy and smooth; however, patients should follow the post-op instructions and be gentle with their surgical site. A good aftercare process makes patients to go through the recovery without any complications.

General medical condition of patients

If there is a medical condition of the hair transplant patients which may hinder good results, it is usually foreseeable in the initial consultation; however, since different patients may have different body habits, it can be hard to foresee such condition as well. It is important to share all details about the any prior operations, regularly used medication and chronic diseases in advance.

The answer of how long does a hair transplant last can also get affected from age, lifestyle or hair type of the patients; but then again these are not very big factors effective on the permanence and a proper treatment plan can give good results in most of the conditions.

How long does a hair transplant last when it is performed with FUE technique?

FUE hair transplant technique, being the latest and the most successful technique, gives permanent and natural results; in fact, all of the hair transplant techniques are able to give life-long results as their basic principles are the same.

The important point is to find the most suitable technique which can give the best quality results for the hair loss level, hair type, skin structure and expectations of the patients; when the assessment is accurate, all hair transplant techniques can give permanent results.

How long does it take to achieve the final and permanent results after hair transplant?

The most common mistake made in the recovery process is the interpreting the success of the results, too early; newly transplanted follicles needs time to achieve their final state.

The final and permanent results of the hair transplant are achieved in around 10-12 months; in some areas of the scalp, this time can reach up to 18 months. Before the final results are achieved, it is not true to claim that the operation has been unsuccessful.

Also, for the cases which requires more than one hair transplants, final results of the first hair transplant should be waited for another session. To get detailed information on how long does a hair transplant last for your individual condition, please contact Monoplant Hair Clinic and get a detailed hair analysis.


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FUE Technique

Hair Transplant is a procedure that requires delicacy, envision and developed technologies. Globally applied FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, being the most advanced and successful technique of hair transplant for many years now, allows the hair specialist to use the developing technologies of the day and gives natural results both when taking the hair out and when transplanting the hair. DHI, Sapphire, Gold, Implantanium (etc.) techniques can be used. Our hair transplant specialist will lead you to best solution through your online and face-to-face consultation.

FUE Technique has 3 basic steps;

  • Harvesting hair follicles from donor area: Follicles are collected carefully from the donor area. Donor areas are most commonly the scalp areas at the back of the head, the nape and above the ears due to their resistant structure to hair loss.
  • Canal opening in the recipient area: Recipient area is prepared by opening canals with very thin devices to the direction and angle of the existing hair. No bistouries are used, no stitches are put and no scars are left.
  • Transplantation: Hair follicles are placed in the canals, transplanted area is covered by a medical dressing.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you will be awake and yet you will not feel any pain. FUE Transplant technique leaves no scar and does not require stitches. The follicles in the donor site will not be damaged during the process. Recovery time is very short; patients can go back to the daily routine a day after the procedure. Most of our patients feel good enough and prefer to discover the city after their procedure. The wounds will completely disappear in 7-10 days. A personalized treatment plan will be made for you by our hair transplant specialist and you will reach an indistinguishably natural look as a result. The survival rate of the transplanted grafts our hair transplant specialist applies is %90 up to %100. This technique is suitable for both men and women who experience hair loss. It’s a minimally invasive operation which necessarily requires surgical setting; hospital environment allows the hair specialist to operate a smoother process with all needed technologic devices and hygiene.

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    Mono Hair Transplant Turkey Pre-Operation and Post-Operation Processes

    There are certain rules we advise you to follow before your FUE Hair Transplant operation in Mono Hair Transplant Clinic; we take our patient’s health and comfort as a priority. Pre-Operation instructions reduce the any risk of complications, unwanted results and discomfort during the procedure. It’s very important that you are very honest and clear about your current health condition and the medication you are on in order to complete the operation very safely and smoothly.

    You will be taken to the blood test before your Hair Transplant operation starts and all your essential blood values will be checked up. Your smoking and alcohol habits will be questioned by your medical consultant while having your consultation for Hair Transplant Turkey at Mono Clinic and you will be given information about how to take action on them before your procedure.

    You should have a breakfast before the operation and we advise you to bring a book or a tablet with you since the operation lasts 3-6 hours and you will in a comfortable enough position for some entertainment! Please do not cut or shave your hair before the Hair Transplant operation so that our hair transplant specialist can clearly examine about the structure of your hair. Afterwards our staff will make the hair cut in compliance with operation. Prefer casual clothes on operation day. Especially, you should wear something front buttoned as a top wear.

    You will be assisted by our team and your checkups will be done by our hair transplant specialist regularly after you had your FUE Transplant Operation. In your aftercare process, you will be hosted in our beautiful aftercare villa in which you will find our team ready to help you with you are your needs 7/24. You will be provided with the suitable shampoo and lotions for your condition and instructions on how to use them; first washing process will be explained to you in details.

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