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Even though many people have a hair loss problem, almost none do anything to solve this problem. If you have bald spots that are expanding, and if you have thinning hair, you may have tried different types of remedies such as special shampoos, creams, oils, and cures. However, these products have no use; they are just temporary. Our hair transplant worth depends on the quality of the transplant and the nature of hair loss. In most cases, hair transplant surgery work for many types of people with pattern baldness. If you decided to get a hair transplant, research the clinic, their doctors, and its chosen technique before choose. You can get advice from professionals; you can even monitor yourself if you need hair transplant surgery or not. Please do not choose a clinic because of its low cost; it can lead to bigger problems. A badly done hair transplant may lead to permanently unnatural-looking hair.

Process After Hair Transplant

If you have found the best clinic for you, you can get hair transplant surgery. After the hair transplant, you will have a bandage on your transplanted area. Within 24 hours, you will experience some redness, swelling, and even ache around the area where hair follicles are transplanted. These are just temporary side effects; after a few days, they will pass. You have to follow instructions very well to speed up the process. After a few months, you will see hair follicles fall off, but after a few months, they will grow back. Almost after a year, the healing process will pass.

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Hakan Aydogan

Many people are doing FUE hair transplants than ever before. The main reason why they get FUE hair transplants is men are having loss of hair problems. According to the research, almost 35 million men in the world experience male pattern baldness in the U.S. So, you may have searched before and after photos if you consider FUE hair transplant. Let’s clarify this issue; before the FUE hair transplant, you may not have all or part of your hair before surgery. That is why you get a hair transplant operation, though. After the FUE hair transplant, within the first 24 hours, you may experience some redness and swellings around the area where hair follicles are transplanted. After a week, the side effects will go away. It leaves almost no signs of extraction after the transplant. You will see the best results within 12 months. You may even have had your hair cut many times by then.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects of FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE, follicular unit extraction, replaced the “classic” follicular unit transplantation (FUT) technique. However, this process is done by taking a hair follicle part of your skin and implanting them in another area on your body. The probability of this technique failing is almost zero, but there are some side effects. After the surgery, you will see some side effects of the FUE hair transplant, such as redness, swelling, and even an ache. Even so, these side effects are temporary, but the transplant is permanent.


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Hair loss is a big problem for a lot of people around the world. Many people want to have hair transplant surgery, but many people are afraid of getting hair transplant surgery. If you have decided to have hair transplant surgery, you may wonder what to do after hair transplantation.

After the surgery, you will be free from all the pain in two weeks. Hair transplant after two weeks, there will be a long process waiting for you. In the third week, you will see the new hair follicles on the transplanted area. After two weeks, some patients may notice that their hair follicles have fallen out, but do not worry; this is quite normal at that time.

What to do After Two Weeks?

Do not forget that every patient will experience different degrees of hair growth within this period. A hair transplant after two weeks needs some patience to see the result. You can see the new hairs are thin, but the hair will become thicker as time goes by.

At that time, you can start to do some sort of styling with your new hair. After seven or ten months, you will notice that the new hair becomes thicker and longer. You can see the hair density and texture better than before. After twelve months, you can see the positive effect of hair transplant surgery better. Your new hair may already have grown long enough to get a few cuts until this time.



Hakan Aydogan

Hair transplant is a lasting solution for the hair loss problem. Hair loss is a global problem; about 60% of men and 50% of women have hair loss. As a solution to this problem, people use creams, shampoos, and oils to prevent hair loss, and they spend too much money on such things. However, they are useless, and their consequences will be only temporary, but a hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss.

The first hair transplant was applied in 1939 with single scalp hairs in Japan. A hair transplant is done to bring more hair to a place on your head that may be balding or thinning. Hair follicles are taken from the head’s healthy area and then transplanted to the balding or thinning area. Until the full recovery, it takes almost a year, you go through some process after the transplant, but in the end, the hair follicles will grow healthy and naturally, just like your other hair follicles.

Hair Transplant Side Effects and Benefits

When you get a hair transplant, you will see some side effects after the transplantation. Within 24 hours, you will see some redness, and swelling, or even bleeding around the area. At the end of the first week, these side effects will be gone. If the side effects are severe, you can take medication by consulting your doctor. However, hair transplant has also good sides; it makes patients happy mostly. Hair transplants’ chance of failure is almost zero, and hair transplant brings you natural looking hairline.

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The prevalence of hair loss problem brought out the search for an effective and permanent solution; The definitions points out to hair transplant for sure. Hair transplant practices have become very popular and widespread. In every part of the world, it is possible to find out hair transplant practitioners.

Turkey is a very popular destination for hair transplant treatment. The advantageous location of the country, the abundance of tourist attractions and high number of practice offering all-inclusive and low package prices draw the hair transplant seekers to Turkey. People prefer Turkey to have a nice and affordable holiday along with their hair transplant treatment. The daily life is relatively cheap in Turkey; that allows clinics and medical centers to include every expense a patient may have to the package with very affordable prices.

This abundance of the practices in Turkey brings out some questions; how to find the most affordable and most suitable place for your condition. Every hair transplant place would promote their own services in a best way possible; but how do you confirm everything they say? In order to know if the hair transplant place is actually how it looks like, one of the best things to do is checking out the reviews they got from their patients.

How beneficial are hair transplant reviews?

Most of the medical centers and clinics have websites and social media accounts which are accessible by everybody. To find out whether the information they gave you is correct or to find out more about what to expect when you are there, you can reach out the unfiltered truth from the comments under their posts or the review section in their website. Many people are very eager to share their experiences with others; therefore, it is not hard to find reviews about most of the places and the services they offer.

However, not all the hair transplant Turkey reviews are reflecting the truth for sure, considering they are made in platforms which all the people have an access; so the elimination of the truth and untruth should be made carefully.

While searching for a place and checking out the reviews, there are usually couple of certain information you can obtain such as the quality of the services.

   Most of the hair transplant centers offer all-inclusive treatment packages covering accommodation, transfers, medications, personal assistant and sometimes more. Of course the quality of those services is not always the same. In order to find out about details such as how comfortable your accommodation will be or whether your personal assistant will be multilingual; checking out the reviews is a good way. These details are first to come to the mind while writing a comment because they smooth the process and it is important how good they are.

Another aspect you can get information about is hidden prices. Packages are made to save you from any surprising expenses; however, this may not always be the case. If a patient is asked to pay a hidden fee, it is for sure that he or she will mention about this in a review.

While hair transplant Turkey reviews are very beneficial to get first-hand information about the center you are searching for, they are usually not efficient to inform you about the quality of the operation itself; reviews are usually made right after the process is done and it is an early time to talk about the success of a hair transplant operation.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic also offers all-inclusive package prices; all the package details are chosen among the best facilities available in the city to make your journey as comfortable as possible. In order to find out and see more about the package details and our former patients’ comments, please check out our website and social media accounts.

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Hair loss is a common problem in many people, especially men. To bring a solution to this problem, hair transplants are applied to the patients. No matter what you use to thicken, your hair will get a permanent solution. However, many people spend a lot of money on fruitless products. If you have any doubt about whether hair transplants are permanent or not, we can surely say hair transplants are 99% permanent. Do not forget that this is a very important surgery, and you have to choose which clinic you want to go to. Consider clinics’ quality, experienced doctors, and their before after photos before deciding where you want to get the hair transplant surgery. There is also another essential thing to remember you have to monitor yourself very well to protect against hair loss before its too late.

What should you do After Hair Transplant?

After a hair transplant, you can turn back to your everyday life within 24 hours. You may see some redness and swell around the area where hairs are transplanted, but it is temporary. You should take good care of your hair until you recover fully. In the first 14 days, you have to use special shampoos which contain no chemicals. After a month, your hair follicles may fall out, but this is normal. Later the hair will grow back, and you can style your hair as your wish. A year after the hair transplant, you will get thicker and good looking healthy hair.

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Stem cell hair transplant UK processes are the patient’s stem cells used. In this hair transplant method, which has the newest and most efficient results, minimal pain and rapid recovery are observed.

With its high healing and rejuvenating potential, stem cell hair transplant has become a preferred option for people who want to protect against hair loss or regain their self-confidence by preventing hair loss. The injected stem cells activate the dead or damaged hair follicles, helping hair growth and eliminating hair loss for men and women.

How is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Performed?

During hair transplantation with stem cells, a sufficient amount of fat is taken from the area with excess fatty tissue. With this fat, stem cells are separated from each other. Fat tissues are generally taken from the abdomen. But most of the time, it can be taken from the scalp. If a tissue is to be removed from the scalp, this is done under local anesthesia. Experts give local anesthesia to the patient, and adipose tissue is removed from it within a certain period of time. Adipose tissue is combined with stem cells in a specific laboratory environment. With local anesthesia applied to the scalp, stem cells are injected into the spilled areas. This process must be done in a hygienic environment. In this way, the person’s transactions are carried out more healthily. The products used for stem cell hair tranpslant UK should be highly developed products.

Hair transplant devices are used in America and England with the latest technological products. 

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Before the hair transplant operation, various tests and hair analyses are performed. As a result of these analyses, the region, amount of grafts to be taken, and transplanted area are determined. After these tests, the doctor prepares the hairline’s hairline where the hair transplantation will be performed. Local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia method is applied in the hair transplantation procedure. Before these procedures, there is a question of those who will have hair transplantation and how long is hair transplant recovery. Hair transplantation is a process that you need to take care of after your hair is transplanted.

Process After Hair Transplant

After selecting the clinic and doctor required for hair transplantation, you can easily have your hair transplant procedure done. The process after hair transplantation can be a little painful. However, this process is one that you should not be afraid of.

Follow your doctor’s advice for washing procedures for a while after hair transplantation. Then, there will be crusting in the first week, which is quite normal. With the advice of your doctor, you can get rid of crusts painlessly. In the following months, your hair will look as if you have never had a hair transplant. In the period of 3 to 4 months, he will experience a spill, again a situation that you should not be afraid of. Then your hair will start to grow beautifully, and after over a year, you will have fabulous natural-looking hair.

How long is hair transplant recovery? The full answer to this question is the natural hair you see when you look in the mirror after hair transplantation for more than one year.

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It is a technique of hair transplantation performed without the use of the surgical intervention. Each strand of hair is taken individually and transplanted to areas where there is no hair or where there is sparseness. If the hair strands to be transplanted are long, they are cut up to 1 mm in size. After local anesthesia is applied, the area to be taken is numbed. The micro-motor ends are brought closer to the middle of the hair strand, dipped into the hair root, and removed. In this process, since the follicles and microscopic tissues where the hair follicle and root are located are removed, the output is realized when the transplant is transplanted into the area. If the hair root and hair root tissue are not removed, it cannot come out again.


Fue hair transplantation has been widely preferred recently. Because it provides many innovations and convenience compared to older methods, it is preferred more in contrast to the past methods because it allows faster recovery of the person treated. After all, the person’s scalp is not cut. Thus, the area where hair transplantation is performed is not stitched, and stitch marks are eliminated. Since the recovery time is shortened, it is faster to achieve a natural appearance. Therefore the Fue method is preferred.

What’s fue hair transplant? In this article, we talked about the FUE technique, one of the hair transplant techniques, and why it is preferred. This technique, which is frequently encountered by people who will have hair transplantation, is quite advanced, and it is a technique you should use with your doctor’s approval.

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A hair transplant operation is an aesthetic surgery operation performed to restore and replace lost or diluted hair. The procedure performed is the tissue transplantation taken from the person himself, which is the basis of plastic surgery. Purpose of plastic surgery is to improve the person’s appearance. Hair transplantation is one of the most necessary surgeries that serve this purpose. Patients who wait for a long time for hair transplantation want their hair to grow as soon as possible. The hair transplant growth chart plays an essential role at this point.

Hair Transplant Process

In the first two weeks after hair transplantation, small wounds in the newly transplanted area heal by scabbing. The transplanted hair clings to its new place in this period and enters the process of adaptation. Hair that goes into a normal growth cycle grows 1 – 2 cm per month. In this process, the first-period hair extracted by the roots has not yet regained its natural form, maybe weaker or weaker than normal hair.


Temporary loss in hair transplantation is a necessary process for hair strands to regain their normal growth form. This process starts approximately 1 month after the hair transplant operation. The start and end times of the temporary spill process may vary from body to body. As of the second month, temporary shedding ends, and hair follicles start to grow, and in the fourth month, the hairs grow and begin to take a certain shape. By the sixth month, the hair follicles grow between 45 and 80 percent. The person’s hair is easily noticed with the naked eye; the hair follicles become thicker, thicker and begin to take their natural shape. At the end of 12 months, your hair follicles will continue to grow naturally.


Mono Clinic is a high-end boutique clinic which offers high-quality medical procedures on many different branches. We are happy to serve patients from all around the world and initiate their journey to the wellness and aesthetic.

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