Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

7 December 2020 by Nzmi Yogurtcu

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

Turkey is the most visited country for hair transplant procedures; undoubtedly, there are many advantages the country offers to patients; still, the most affordable prices are usually the first things attracting the patients who are seeking a treatment abroad.

Hair transplant practices are performed widely in Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya. Although the prices may slightly vary depending on the city, the approximate hair transplant treatment price in Turkey ranges between £1200 – £2000 while the prices can reach up to £25.000- £30.000 in UK. This huge difference on prices is mostly the same with other European countries and United States. Considering that Turkey hair transplant prices usually includes the services you will need when you arrive as well, it is very understandable why Turkey is the most popular destination for hair transplant practices.

There are some points clinics take as their criteria while determining their hair transplant prices; every medical center can use different bases while determining their prices and you can choose the best one suits you.

Number of the grafts

Every hair transplant patient has a unique condition which should be treated with an individualized treatment plan; these treatment plans are designed with a certain number of grafts suitable for the specific condition of the patients. Some medical centers determine their hair transplant prices according to the required number of grafts. As the number increases, the price increases accordingly.

Suitable technique

There are multiple techniques for hair transplant treatments; some of those are more complex and requires more advanced technological devices along with more effort from the hair transplant specialists. The development of the necessary technique and the expenses of the necessary tools for that technique may increase the cost of the hair transplant. For example, FUE technique is the most preferred technique today and the regular treatment prices are usually designed by taking FUE as the basis. However, if the condition of the patient requires another method like DHI or Sapphire FUE, the price would increase due to the different equipment and procedure these methods require.

The services

Hair transplant prices are usually offered as a package concept in Turkey including necessary services like accommodation, transfers, meals, medications, shampoos, a personal assistant and washing sessions. These packages can be all-inclusive or may cover only one or two of these. Depending on the inclusiveness of the package, the hair transplant prices may change. It is recommended to book an all-inclusive package since you are travelling to a place you do not know and if you try to arrange those services by yourself, you are very likely to overpay and not be satisfied with them. But when you book an all-inclusive hair transplant package, you will be informed about all the arranged facilities in advance and you can just enjoy your treatment journey afterwards.

Hair transplant prices in Mono

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic offers the most affordable and all-inclusive treatment packages. In Mono, the price is not calculated according to the necessary grafts; the patients are provided with the maximum amount of grafts without any change in the price. In your online consultation, our dedicated medical consultants will inform you about the techniques and make your hair analysis in order to create the most suitable treatment plan for your condition.

Mono hair transplant packages cover every necessary detail for your treatment journey. You will stay in the cozy Mono Villa or one of the luxury partner hotels; in both of which your meals will be covered. Your transfers from and to airport and between the clinic and accommodation will be arranged by us in advance. Your first washing session after the procedure will be done by our hair transplant specialists; you will be provided with the suitable shampoos and medications for your recovery process. During your journey, a multilingual personal assistant will help you with anything you need; when you get back to your country, you will be able to contact us anytime for your recovery process as well. Mono just wants its patients to enjoy their treatments and therefore includes all of these services into the very low cost hair transplant packages. To initiate your treatment journey with an online consultation, please fill the consultation form; our medical consultants are looking forward to help you

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