Hair Transplant Growth Chart

9 March 2021 by Hakan Aydogan0

A hair transplant operation is an aesthetic surgery operation performed to restore and replace lost or diluted hair. The procedure performed is the tissue transplantation taken from the person himself, which is the basis of plastic surgery. Purpose of plastic surgery is to improve the person’s appearance. Hair transplantation is one of the most necessary surgeries that serve this purpose. Patients who wait for a long time for hair transplantation want their hair to grow as soon as possible. The hair transplant growth chart plays an essential role at this point.

Hair Transplant Process

In the first two weeks after hair transplantation, small wounds in the newly transplanted area heal by scabbing. The transplanted hair clings to its new place in this period and enters the process of adaptation. Hair that goes into a normal growth cycle grows 1 – 2 cm per month. In this process, the first-period hair extracted by the roots has not yet regained its natural form, maybe weaker or weaker than normal hair.


Temporary loss in hair transplantation is a necessary process for hair strands to regain their normal growth form. This process starts approximately 1 month after the hair transplant operation. The start and end times of the temporary spill process may vary from body to body. As of the second month, temporary shedding ends, and hair follicles start to grow, and in the fourth month, the hairs grow and begin to take a certain shape. By the sixth month, the hair follicles grow between 45 and 80 percent. The person’s hair is easily noticed with the naked eye; the hair follicles become thicker, thicker and begin to take their natural shape. At the end of 12 months, your hair follicles will continue to grow naturally.

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