FUT Hair Transplant Turkey

FUT hair transplant is done by cutting a strip of the skin from the back or side of the patient’s head and extracting individual follicles. Then, these follicles are inserted into the balding or thinning parts of the patient’s head. FUT hair transplant usually takes 4 to 8 hours, and most people stay awake during the surgery with local anesthesia.

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

FUT hair transplant is about removing ‘follicular units’ from the donor area. These are natural and original units that, if transplanted well, FUT Hair Transplant Turkey will result in natural growing as your original hair. There will be no clumps or corn rows of hairs as in the older hair transplant techniques in this method. The grafts are tiny. The FUT hair transplant technique will produce a natural-looking appearance.

Why Hair Transplants are a Waste of Money?

Hair transplants are not a waste of money if you choose the best clinic and most appropriate hair transplant method for you; they are actually safe and permanent. However, hair transplants last a lifetime; the money you spend on useless products such as shampoo, oils, and creams will not bring you a permanent solution, but hair transplant will.

What to do After Hair Transplant?

After a hair transplant, you can go home as soon as possible. It takes around a week for scabbing to come off, and end of the week, it turns back to normal. However, do not feel the rush to recover; you have to be patient until you reach full recovery. After the hair transplant, you can wash the areas gently; on the second day; you can see some redness around the area where hairs are transplanted.

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On the third and following day, your swelling will settle down, and they start healing quickly. You can wash gently with special shampoo, and please consider your shampoo contains no chemicals. Do not forget to apply medicine to ensure the healing process. After ten days, the grafts are fixed permanently; you can turn back to your normal routine.

Is Hair Transplant Effective?

As many people have hair loss problems, they consider getting a hair transplant, but they doubt whether hair transplantation is effective. We can give a simple answer, yes hair transplant is an effective method and solution to get your hair back.

Is Hair Transplant Safe and Permanent?

No matter what kind of over-the-counter products you use to thicken, you cannot get a permanent solution. However, many people spend a lot of money on fruitless products. If you doubt whether a hair transplant is permanent or not, we can surely say a hair transplant is 99% permanent and safe. Do not forget that this is a critical surgery, and you have to choose which clinic you want to go to. Consider clinics’ quality, experienced doctors, and their before after photos before deciding where you want to get the hair transplant surgery.

Is Hair Transplant Worth the Money?

For many people, loss of hair is a big problem. However, many think about whether they will have a hair transplant because they do not know whether a hair transplant is worth the money. If you are looking for a hair transplant, you are not alone. Many people are losing their hair; it is a big problem because they may feel insecure. A hair transplant is worth the money because the surgery helps you to get the look you want. Hair transplants can be too costly and painful if you do not choose the right place. Even though it is a bit pricey, you will get what you paid for in the end.


Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplantation is a hair restoration method. The patient’s hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp are transplanted to the areas that have been opened or completely lost. Operations are applied under local anesthesia. The most important point to be considered in the transplantation process is that the operation is under sterile conditions; It is performed as a team by healthcare personnel who have been trained under the control of a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or medical aesthetic specialist, after a serious consultation by the relevant physicians for diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disease. Besides this, hair transplant operations can be applied to anyone and every age group deemed appropriate by the doctor. The hair transplant operation must be performed in the operating room of clinics or hospitals.

Is hair transplant covered by insurance?

The insurance does not cover hair transplantation procedures because it is a surgery performed according to your request, not the need. If you have decided to have a hair transplant, the most important point is to find the most suitable treatment option for yourself.

Is hair transplant safe?

There are two different methods used in hair transplantation today. FUE method, a more up-to-date treatment, is the method with the highest success rate in hair transplantation. In this method, the hair follicles Hair Transplant Turkey are collected one by one from the nape area between both ears with fragile, special needles. In this way, there is no scar in the area where the roots are collected.

Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant also known as Follicular Unit Extraction is a modern hair harvesting method with limited scarring. Each follicle is extracted one by one and implemented carefully to the receding parts.

Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire Hair Transplant, also known as Sapphire FUE, is a method of FUE hair transplant performed with sapphire blades. Transplantation with sapphire blades enables the best transplant of hair follicles with the same angle and thickness to provide a very natural and dense look.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant, also known as unshaven hair transplant, is one of the newest hair transplantation techniques performed by using a special CHOI Pen. DHI enables high-density hair transplant. The advantage of this technique is that the scalp does not need to be shaved completely.

Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant is a procedure that restores hair to areas where the spotty or patchy loss of hair occurs. Apart from transplanting hair on beard and moustache areas, It can also be performed on cheeks and sideburns.

Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant is for women who suffer from a female pattern of hair loss similar to the male pattern of hair loss. Depending on the extent of hair loss and the desire and /expectations of the patient, women can have FUE, DHI, or Sapphire Hair Transplant under the hands of top-notch specialists who will give the best and the most satisfying results.

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Hair Transplant is a safe and easy out-patient surgical procedure that involves taking hair from the back of the head and transplanting it into the eyebrow area to achieve the desired and thicker eyebrows. As the transplanted hair is directly taken from the patient’s scalp, results are very natural.

Is hair transplant grow?

After hair transplantation, the hair starts to grow 3 months again after it begins to fall out, and at the end of these 3 months, it grows naturally like your own hair. The actual growth period is from the 6th to the 12th month. The resistance of the nape part has a vital place in hair transplantation.

Is hair transplant halal?

People may have aesthetic needs, but most of these plastic surgeries are for treatment purposes. Hair transplantation is a method used for some people, and it is also an important reason for aesthetic appearance for most people.


A large part of aesthetics is not prohibited by religion, but many people are curious about the religious aspect of this. Again, let’s repeat, hair transplantation is not a religious problem; it is not a sin; it is not considered haram. Hair transplantation is not a sin if the transplantation is performed by taking one’s own hair follicle.

Is hair transplant haram?

There are quite different aesthetic operations ideas, but it is not forbidden to say that it is not haram for hair transplantation.

Is hair transplant real?

Hair transplantation is a system that always works and allows new hair to grow as soon as possible. The work of a hair transplant is not a promise or a claim. Because there is a proven case, let us state right away that this is medical. The prgression is obvious. After examining the area where the hair has been shed, the roots taken from the healthy place are placed there. After that, the hair grows again. While this is the case, no situation would require it not to work. Therefore, it is always recommended that those who have questions about hair transplantation leave them aside.

Is hair transplant tax deductible?

There is no tax-deductible in hair transplantation. Prices are generally not tax-deductible, as well as being quite affordable besides surgeries. The main thing to think about the cost of hair transplantation is the fees you have to pay to your doctor and clinic.

What are the steps of a hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplantation involves removing small punch grafts from the hair bearing scalp or a larger piece of this scalp from a donor area and cutting this into smaller pieces to use as grafts. These grafts are then relocating to a bald or thinning area of the scalp. The grafts created in this manner differ in size and shape. Round-shaped punch grafts usually contain about 10-15 hairs. The much smaller mini-graft contains about two to four hairs; and the micro-graft, one to two hairs. Slit grafts, which are inserted into slits created in the scalp, contain about four to 10 hairs each; strip grafts are long and thin and contain 30-40 hairs.

Generally, several surgical sessions may be needed to achieve satisfactory fullness, and a healing interval of several months is usually recommended between each session. It may take up to two years before you see the final result with a full transplant series. The amount of coverage you’ll need is partly dependent upon the color and texture of your hair. Coarse, gray or light-colored hair affords better coverage than fine, dark-colored hair. The number of large plugs transplanted in the first session varies with each individual, but the average is about 50. For mini-grafts or micro-grafts, the number can be up to 700 per session.

Just before surgery, the “donor area” will be trimmed short so that the grafts can be easily accessed and removed. For punch grafts, your doctor may use a special tube-like instrument made of sharp carbon steel that punches the round graft out of the donor site so it can be replaced in the area to be covered—generally the frontal hairline. For other types of grafts, your doctor will use a scalpel to remove small sections of hair-bearing scalp, which will be divided into tiny sections and transplanted into tiny holes or slits within the scalp. When grafts are taken, your doctor may periodically inject small amounts of saline solution into the scalp to maintain proper skin strength. The donor site holes may be closed with stitches—for punch grafts, a single stitch may close each punch site; for other types of grafts, a small, straight-line scar will result. The stitches are usually concealed with the surrounding hair.

To maintain healthy circulation in the scalp, the grafts are placed about one-eighth of an inch apart. In later sessions, the spaces between the plugs will be filled in with additional grafts. Your doctor will take great care in removing and placement of grafts to ensure that the transplanted hair will grow in a natural direction and that hair growth at the donor site is not adversely affected.

After the grafting session is complete, the scalp will be cleansed and covered with gauze. You may have to wear a pressure bandage for a day or two. Some doctors allow their patients to recover bandage-free.

Hakan Aydogan

Even though many people have a hair loss problem, almost none do anything to solve this problem. If you have bald spots that are expanding, and if you have thinning hair, you may have tried different types of remedies such as special shampoos, creams, oils, and cures. However, these products have no use; they are just temporary. Our hair transplant worth depends on the quality of the transplant and the nature of hair loss. In most cases, hair transplant surgery work for many types of people with pattern baldness. If you decided to get a hair transplant, research the clinic, their doctors, and its chosen technique before choose. You can get advice from professionals; you can even monitor yourself if you need hair transplant surgery or not. Please do not choose a clinic because of its low cost; it can lead to bigger problems. A badly done hair transplant may lead to permanently unnatural-looking hair.

Process After Hair Transplant

If you have found the best clinic for you, you can get hair transplant surgery. After the hair transplant, you will have a bandage on your transplanted area. Within 24 hours, you will experience some redness, swelling, and even ache around the area where hair follicles are transplanted. These are just temporary side effects; after a few days, they will pass. You have to follow instructions very well to speed up the process. After a few months, you will see hair follicles fall off, but after a few months, they will grow back. Almost after a year, the healing process will pass.

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Many people are doing FUE hair transplants than ever before. The main reason why they get FUE hair transplants is men are having loss of hair problems. According to the research, almost 35 million men in the world experience male pattern baldness in the U.S. So, you may have searched before and after photos if you consider FUE hair transplant. Let’s clarify this issue; before the FUE hair transplant, you may not have all or part of your hair before surgery. That is why you get a hair transplant operation, though. After the FUE hair transplant, within the first 24 hours, you may experience some redness and swellings around the area where hair follicles are transplanted. After a week, the side effects will go away. It leaves almost no signs of extraction after the transplant. You will see the best results within 12 months. You may even have had your hair cut many times by then.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects of FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE, follicular unit extraction, replaced the “classic” follicular unit transplantation (FUT) technique. However, this process is done by taking a hair follicle part of your skin and implanting them in another area on your body. The probability of this technique failing is almost zero, but there are some side effects. After the surgery, you will see some side effects of the FUE hair transplant, such as redness, swelling, and even an ache. Even so, these side effects are temporary, but the transplant is permanent.

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Nzmi Yogurtcu

Hair loss is a big problem for a lot of people around the world. Many people want to have hair transplant surgery, but many people are afraid of getting hair transplant surgery. If you have decided to have hair transplant surgery, you may wonder what to do after hair transplantation.

After the surgery, you will be free from all the pain in two weeks. Hair transplant after two weeks, there will be a long process waiting for you. In the third week, you will see the new hair follicles on the transplanted area. After two weeks, some patients may notice that their hair follicles have fallen out, but do not worry; this is quite normal at that time.

What to do After Two Weeks?

Do not forget that every patient will experience different degrees of hair growth within this period. A hair transplant after two weeks needs some patience to see the result. You can see the new hairs are thin, but the hair will become thicker as time goes by.

At that time, you can start to do some sort of styling with your new hair. After seven or ten months, you will notice that the new hair becomes thicker and longer. You can see the hair density and texture better than before. After twelve months, you can see the positive effect of hair transplant surgery better. Your new hair may already have grown long enough to get a few cuts until this time.

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Hair transplant is a lasting solution for the hair loss problem. Hair loss is a global problem; about 60% of men and 50% of women have hair loss. As a solution to this problem, people use creams, shampoos, and oils to prevent hair loss, and they spend too much money on such things. However, they are useless, and their consequences will be only temporary, but a hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss.

The first hair transplant was applied in 1939 with single scalp hairs in Japan. A hair transplant is done to bring more hair to a place on your head that may be balding or thinning. Hair follicles are taken from the head’s healthy area and then transplanted to the balding or thinning area. Until the full recovery, it takes almost a year, you go through some process after the transplant, but in the end, the hair follicles will grow healthy and naturally, just like your other hair follicles.

Hair Transplant Side Effects and Benefits

When you get a hair transplant, you will see some side effects after the transplantation. Within 24 hours, you will see some redness, and swelling, or even bleeding around the area. At the end of the first week, these side effects will be gone. If the side effects are severe, you can take medication by consulting your doctor. However, hair transplant has also good sides; it makes patients happy mostly. Hair transplants’ chance of failure is almost zero, and hair transplant brings you natural looking hairline.

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Nzmi Yogurtcu

The prevalence of hair loss problem brought out the search for an effective and permanent solution; The definitions points out to hair transplant for sure. Hair transplant practices have become very popular and widespread. In every part of the world, it is possible to find out hair transplant practitioners.

Turkey is a very popular destination for hair transplant treatment. The advantageous location of the country, the abundance of tourist attractions and high number of practice offering all-inclusive and low package prices draw the hair transplant seekers to Turkey. People prefer Turkey to have a nice and affordable holiday along with their hair transplant treatment. The daily life is relatively cheap in Turkey; that allows clinics and medical centers to include every expense a patient may have to the package with very affordable prices.

This abundance of the practices in Turkey brings out some questions; how to find the most affordable and most suitable place for your condition. Every hair transplant place would promote their own services in a best way possible; but how do you confirm everything they say? In order to know if the hair transplant place is actually how it looks like, one of the best things to do is checking out the reviews they got from their patients.

How beneficial are hair transplant reviews?

Most of the medical centers and clinics have websites and social media accounts which are accessible by everybody. To find out whether the information they gave you is correct or to find out more about what to expect when you are there, you can reach out the unfiltered truth from the comments under their posts or the review section in their website. Many people are very eager to share their experiences with others; therefore, it is not hard to find reviews about most of the places and the services they offer.

However, not all the hair transplant Turkey reviews are reflecting the truth for sure, considering they are made in platforms which all the people have an access; so the elimination of the truth and untruth should be made carefully.

While searching for a place and checking out the reviews, there are usually couple of certain information you can obtain such as the quality of the services.

   Most of the hair transplant centers offer all-inclusive treatment packages covering accommodation, transfers, medications, personal assistant and sometimes more. Of course the quality of those services is not always the same. In order to find out about details such as how comfortable your accommodation will be or whether your personal assistant will be multilingual; checking out the reviews is a good way. These details are first to come to the mind while writing a comment because they smooth the process and it is important how good they are.

Another aspect you can get information about is hidden prices. Packages are made to save you from any surprising expenses; however, this may not always be the case. If a patient is asked to pay a hidden fee, it is for sure that he or she will mention about this in a review.

While hair transplant Turkey reviews are very beneficial to get first-hand information about the center you are searching for, they are usually not efficient to inform you about the quality of the operation itself; reviews are usually made right after the process is done and it is an early time to talk about the success of a hair transplant operation.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic also offers all-inclusive package prices; all the package details are chosen among the best facilities available in the city to make your journey as comfortable as possible. In order to find out and see more about the package details and our former patients’ comments, please check out our website and social media accounts.

Nzmi Yogurtcu

Hair loss is a common problem in many people, especially men. To bring a solution to this problem, hair transplants are applied to the patients. No matter what you use to thicken, your hair will get a permanent solution. However, many people spend a lot of money on fruitless products. If you have any doubt about whether hair transplants are permanent or not, we can surely say hair transplants are 99% permanent. Do not forget that this is a very important surgery, and you have to choose which clinic you want to go to. Consider clinics’ quality, experienced doctors, and their before after photos before deciding where you want to get the hair transplant surgery. There is also another essential thing to remember you have to monitor yourself very well to protect against hair loss before its too late.

What should you do After Hair Transplant?

After a hair transplant, you can turn back to your everyday life within 24 hours. You may see some redness and swell around the area where hairs are transplanted, but it is temporary. You should take good care of your hair until you recover fully. In the first 14 days, you have to use special shampoos which contain no chemicals. After a month, your hair follicles may fall out, but this is normal. Later the hair will grow back, and you can style your hair as your wish. A year after the hair transplant, you will get thicker and good looking healthy hair.

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Hakan Aydogan

Stem cell hair transplant UK processes are the patient’s stem cells used. In this hair transplant method, which has the newest and most efficient results, minimal pain and rapid recovery are observed.

With its high healing and rejuvenating potential, stem cell hair transplant has become a preferred option for people who want to protect against hair loss or regain their self-confidence by preventing hair loss. The injected stem cells activate the dead or damaged hair follicles, helping hair growth and eliminating hair loss for men and women.

How is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Performed?

During hair transplantation with stem cells, a sufficient amount of fat is taken from the area with excess fatty tissue. With this fat, stem cells are separated from each other. Fat tissues are generally taken from the abdomen. But most of the time, it can be taken from the scalp. If a tissue is to be removed from the scalp, this is done under local anesthesia. Experts give local anesthesia to the patient, and adipose tissue is removed from it within a certain period of time. Adipose tissue is combined with stem cells in a specific laboratory environment. With local anesthesia applied to the scalp, stem cells are injected into the spilled areas. This process must be done in a hygienic environment. In this way, the person’s transactions are carried out more healthily. The products used for stem cell hair tranpslant UK should be highly developed products.

Hair transplant devices are used in America and England with the latest technological products. 

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Hakan Aydogan

Before the hair transplant operation, various tests and hair analyses are performed. As a result of these analyses, the region, amount of grafts to be taken, and transplanted area are determined. After these tests, the doctor prepares the hairline’s hairline where the hair transplantation will be performed. Local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia method is applied in the hair transplantation procedure. Before these procedures, there is a question of those who will have hair transplantation and how long is hair transplant recovery. Hair transplantation is a process that you need to take care of after your hair is transplanted.

Process After Hair Transplant

After selecting the clinic and doctor required for hair transplantation, you can easily have your hair transplant procedure done. The process after hair transplantation can be a little painful. However, this process is one that you should not be afraid of.

Follow your doctor’s advice for washing procedures for a while after hair transplantation. Then, there will be crusting in the first week, which is quite normal. With the advice of your doctor, you can get rid of crusts painlessly. In the following months, your hair will look as if you have never had a hair transplant. In the period of 3 to 4 months, he will experience a spill, again a situation that you should not be afraid of. Then your hair will start to grow beautifully, and after over a year, you will have fabulous natural-looking hair.

How long is hair transplant recovery? The full answer to this question is the natural hair you see when you look in the mirror after hair transplantation for more than one year.

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Hakan Aydogan

It is a technique of hair transplantation performed without the use of the surgical intervention. Each strand of hair is taken individually and transplanted to areas where there is no hair or where there is sparseness. If the hair strands to be transplanted are long, they are cut up to 1 mm in size. After local anesthesia is applied, the area to be taken is numbed. The micro-motor ends are brought closer to the middle of the hair strand, dipped into the hair root, and removed. In this process, since the follicles and microscopic tissues where the hair follicle and root are located are removed, the output is realized when the transplant is transplanted into the area. If the hair root and hair root tissue are not removed, it cannot come out again.


Fue hair transplantation has been widely preferred recently. Because it provides many innovations and convenience compared to older methods, it is preferred more in contrast to the past methods because it allows faster recovery of the person treated. After all, the person’s scalp is not cut. Thus, the area where hair transplantation is performed is not stitched, and stitch marks are eliminated. Since the recovery time is shortened, it is faster to achieve a natural appearance. Therefore the Fue method is preferred.

What’s fue hair transplant? In this article, we talked about the FUE technique, one of the hair transplant techniques, and why it is preferred. This technique, which is frequently encountered by people who will have hair transplantation, is quite advanced, and it is a technique you should use with your doctor’s approval.

Hakan Aydogan

A hair transplant operation is an aesthetic surgery operation performed to restore and replace lost or diluted hair. The procedure performed is the tissue transplantation taken from the person himself, which is the basis of plastic surgery. Purpose of plastic surgery is to improve the person’s appearance. Hair transplantation is one of the most necessary surgeries that serve this purpose. Patients who wait for a long time for hair transplantation want their hair to grow as soon as possible. The hair transplant growth chart plays an essential role at this point.

Hair Transplant Process

In the first two weeks after hair transplantation, small wounds in the newly transplanted area heal by scabbing. The transplanted hair clings to its new place in this period and enters the process of adaptation. Hair that goes into a normal growth cycle grows 1 – 2 cm per month. In this process, the first-period hair extracted by the roots has not yet regained its natural form, maybe weaker or weaker than normal hair.


Temporary loss in hair transplantation is a necessary process for hair strands to regain their normal growth form. This process starts approximately 1 month after the hair transplant operation. The start and end times of the temporary spill process may vary from body to body. As of the second month, temporary shedding ends, and hair follicles start to grow, and in the fourth month, the hairs grow and begin to take a certain shape. By the sixth month, the hair follicles grow between 45 and 80 percent. The person’s hair is easily noticed with the naked eye; the hair follicles become thicker, thicker and begin to take their natural shape. At the end of 12 months, your hair follicles will continue to grow naturally.

Hakan Aydogan

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation that has started to become very popular now. You can regain your lost hair. Hair transplantation requires research, and it will give better results if experienced doctors do it. Therefore, professional clinics should be preferred. With the FUE method, hair follicles are placed in balding areas, and a natural hair appearance is regained. You can benefit from the FUE hair transplant technique with a very comfortable process. This article will talk to you about the FUE hair transplant before and after the procedure.

What is the FUE Hair Transplant Procedure?

Recently, FUE hair transplant operations are permanent solutions for baldness and are a highly preferred treatment type. Fue Hair Transplantation method, hair follicles are taken from the donor area only. It is a treatment method that is separated from the skin and implanted in the area called. Hair follicles made from the donor area are transplanted into the implant area one by one, not collectively. For this reason, it is natural to implant the hair follicles. That is, this method is performed with longer sessions than other methods.

Before and After FUE Hair Surgery

The clinic you chose before hair transplantation is vital. Besides, it will be beneficial for you if the doctor you prefer is experienced. After the hair transplant procedure, you will enter a straightforward process thanks to the advice given by your doctor. FUE hair transplant before and after is one of the most curious topics, but this is never a situation that requires you to worry.

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Hakan Aydogan

It is completely natural to want to take an action as soon as you notice some thinning and receding on your hair line. However, there are some important points about when to get hair transplant. Although hair transplants are suitable for a wide range of hair loss patients, to achieve the most desired and successful results, patients should decide carefully on when to get hair transplant.

How to know the ideal time to get hair transplant?

Every hair loss condition progresses differently. Although the desire to restore the hair is higher in younger people, for the success and satisfactory of the results, your hair transplant specialist may suggest you to wait for a while to get the operation.

Male pattern hair loss is a progressive problem; the duration and the speed of hair loss may differ in every patient. Therefore, before deciding on when to get hair transplant, every hair loss patient should consult to a professional and get their examinations done properly. With the information gathered form the examinations and the current state of your hair loss, your hair transplant specialist can advise you when to get hair transplant.

Although, every condition should be assessed specifically, it is often not advisable to get hair transplant before the age 25; the reason for that is, majority of the patients experience further hair loss after the age 25 and that disrupts the results of hair transplant done before that age. Therefore, to prevent spending too much money and time, the best way is to wait for enough time to get hair transplant.

Contact Monoplant Hair and a get a detailed hair analysis to find out when to get hair transplant.


Hakan Aydogan

The famous hair restoration treatment hair transplant is usually known as being an expensive cosmetic treatment; however, there are many factors affecting the how much hair transplant cost. By knowing some important aspects about the procedure, patients can easily find the most affordable and quality hair transplant for themselves.

What are the factors affecting how much hair transplant cost?

Hair transplant treatments are offered in every part of the world today; how much hair transplant cost may vary depending on the country where the operation will be performed because of the currency rates and the general daily life and labor of the country. In these terms, Turkey has been the best country for hair transplants with the highest success rate and the cheapest hair transplant prices.

How much hair transplant cost also gets affected from the selected technique for the operation; there are several techniques for hair transplants all of which have different medical requirements and it usually affects the overall cost.

Another aspect affecting how much hair transplant cost is the aftercare and services; as we mentioned above, hair transplant is performed in many countries and is a significant part of medical tourism practices. This bring out a need for package deals; package deals gather all the necessary facilities and services together for an international patient for the convenience and comfort of the international treatment journey. Hair transplant is often offered as a package deal; every service and facility included in the package and their quality effect how much hair transplant cost.

Monoplant Hair Clinic in Turkey offers the most affordable and all-inclusive hair transplant package prices for international patients; please contact to find out more about the procedure and the cost.


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Norwood scale has been in use for many years for hair loss conditions; benefits of the Norwood scale are appreciated by many professionals and hair loss patients. Before understanding the aim of Norwood scale it is important to find out the relation of Norwood scale hair loss. How does Norwood Scale work for identifying hair loss conditions?

Norwood scale hair loss stages

There are 7 stages in Norwood scale that shows the level of the male pattern hair loss by taking the hair line and vertex baldness situation as basis.

Norwood scale hair loss stages show how far the bald spot on the vertex gone and how further the hair line receded because of the male pattern hair loss. Some of the Norwood scale hair loss stages have “Class-A” type which points out to a situation where the vertex does not experience hair loss but the hair line recedes with a deeper curve.

Is every Norwood scale hair loss stage accepted as a sign for complete baldness?

Although most of the Norwood scale hair loss stages shows the way to serious baldness, it does not necessarily mean all patients will become fully bald. In early Norwood scale hair loss stages, there is always a chance for hair loss to stop and not proceed ant further. However, even if this is not the case for you, there nothing to worry about because with today’s medical developments, hair loss problem is curable and the treatment ways give very successful satisfactory results.

Hakan Aydogan

Those who are considering hair transplant usually ask how my hair will look hair transplant after 10 years. The answer is really very simple. You will have permanent hair even after 10 years.

Hair Transplant Offers a Permanent Solution for Your Hair

Hair transplant after 10 years, your hair will maintain its current vitality. The donor area used in hair transplantation is genetically stronger hair located on your scalp. These hairs are genetically permanent. Therefore, although the hair taken from this area is prone to shedding during the growth cycle, it grows again over time. As long as there is no illness, injury or other condition that could endanger the health of the hair strands, you can expect permanence for 10 years or more.

Hair Loss Can Be Seen In Some Areas

Hair transplant after 10 years, your hair and hair follicles will continue to be permanent. However, the hair that is taken from the donor area and planted in the sparse parts of your hair may shed during this period. Depending on your doctor’s advice, you can benefit from medical treatments in this regard. In such a case, more hair transplantation can be done again and more than before to restore the density of your hair.

The easiest way to regain your congenital and shed hair for different reasons is to have a hair transplant. Thanks to this method, you can get a permanent solution for your hair.


Hakan Aydogan

If you are planning to have a hair transplant treatment, it is natural to want to learn about the process. You may also want to explore the healing process on a timeline. With the hair transplant recovery timeline, you can examine the daily, weekly and monthly healing process.

Immediately After Surgery

The start of the hair transplant recovery timeline is just after surgery. Because the healing process starts immediately after the surgery. You can also go home the same day after the operation. However, swelling, redness and sensitivity occur in the hair transplant area. When you follow the hair care recommendations made by your doctor, your recovery will take less time.

The First Few Days After Hair Transplantation

The first few days are very important in the hair transplant recovery timeline. Although mild pains are seen during this period, your scalp begins to heal. In order to shorten the recovery period, you should not go out in sunny weather, sleep in the right position and avoid physical activities.

First Week After Hair Transplantation

There is a significant reduction in swelling and redness on your scalp until the first week. Your scalp heals quickly. However, you should continue to take proper care of your scalp.

After the First Month of Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation, recovery starts in the first month and is completed within approximately 12-15 months. Until the process is completed, you should make the necessary care and go to the doctor’s control at regular intervals.


Hakan Aydogan

Do you know that hair transplant female celebrities? Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong! Many famous names have hair transplants because they suffer from hair loss.

Hair loss is a common problem in women as well as men. Among the reasons for this, we can list factors such as genetics, stress, aging diet, menopause and hormonal changes. For this reason, hair transplant female celebrities are quite high.

Hair Transplant is a Popular Trend Among Celebrities

Celebrities are also human beings just like us. For various reasons, some celebrities may also have hair loss. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of celebrities who have had a hair transplant recently. Moreover, hair transplant is a very popular treatment method not only among male celebrities but also among female celebrities.

Hair Transplant is Preferred Because It Is Easy

In addition to many TV series and movie actors around the world, women who are famous in different fields prefer hair transplant. Among the reasons for this preference are the painlessness of the hair transplant treatment, its practical application and its high success rate. So, who are these world-famous women who have hair transplants? Do you want to know that hair transplant female celebrities? Here are the famous women who preserve their beauty with hair transplant treatment:

  1. Naomi Campbell
  2. Fergie Duhamel
  3. Jennifer Aniston
  4. Oprah Winfrey
  5. Fergie Duhamel:
  6. Stephanie Davis:
  7. Keira Knightley
  8. Tyra Banks
  9. Kristin Davis
  10. Selma Blair

Hakan Aydogan

Although hair transplant has proved itself as being the most successful hair restoration procedure, patients are often concerned about certain things about the operation. The biggest reason for this situation is the high number of information sources some of which are not reflecting the facts about the operation.

As the popularity of hair transplant has increased, the number of online sources about the procedure has increased as well. This situation has led to many misleading information to spread and concern people who think about having hair transplant. Here are some common myths you encounter while searching for hair transplant.

Myth 1: All techniques of hair transplant leaves a linear scar at the back of the head

Linear scar at the back of the head had been a typical look of hair transplant results back in the days where FUT technique was the latest and most preferred technique. FUT is a traditional technique in which a hairy strip from the scalp is removed to collect follicles; this leads a permanent linear scar at the back of the head. However, FUT technique has lost its old popularity by the emerge of FUE technique which promises a scar-less and more comfortable hair transplant. So, linear scar is specific to FUT technique and does not occur after the newer techniques.

Myth 2: Hair transplant can only be performed on men

This myth takes its basis from the fact that hair loss conditions are more common among men comparing to women. The male pattern baldness is a very common problem; it occurs in almost %60 of men and therefore it is very natural for men to seek for hair transplant more often. However, hair loss is a reality for many women as well; in fact, in many conditions, it affects women on a higher rate. Hair transplant is a treatment for both men and women; women who suffer from hair loss can safely benefit from the latest hair transplant techniques just like men.

Myth 3: Hair transplant results feel and look unnatural

People often think that after hair transplant the results would be wig-like; they think the new hair cannot be shaved or cut, and look very unnatural. This information is completely wrong; hair transplant is done by transferring the patient’s own natural hair follicles to the balding area. Results of hair transplant cannot be differentiated from the original hair because it is already your original hair; only coming from a different part of your scalp. After the recovery, transplanted hair can be shaved or cut as desired; its natural growth cycle will continue.

Myth 4: Hair transplant is a painful operation

   Hair transplant is a rather longer operation comparing other cosmetic procedures; but it is definitely not a painful operation. Hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia which means patients feel no pain or discomfort during the operation although they are awake. After the operation, patients are able to get back to their daily life in a day.

Dedicated and experienced medical consultants of Mono Hair Transplant Clinic are ready to reply all your inquiries and inform you about the hair transplant procedure in detail; please contact us in order to initiate your https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/hair-transplant-with-fue-technique/ consultation.

Hakan Aydogan

Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure with a very high success rate today; the improvements on the techniques and technological devices used in the procedure enables the patients to get the maximum benefit out of the procedure and increases the number of the patients who opted it.

As with the procedure itself, the recovery and the aftercare of the transplanted hair is very important too.

Hair transplant’s recovery period is quite comfortable comparing many other cosmetic surgeries; however, the final appearance of the results takes relatively longer due to the fact that the transplanted follicles require adequate time to settle in their new place and regulate their growth cycle. While patients are able to go back to their daily life in a few days after the operation, appropriate aftercare practices still carry big importance during this period between the operation and the final results.

Hair transplant can be performed in every season safely; however, the best season for it is often considered as winter. In winter, as in every season, the transplanted hair should be treated according to seasonal conditions.

Will my transplanted hair get affected from the cold weather?

It is very safe to have hair transplant during winter as long as the aftercare instructions are followed carefully and the adequate amount of care and attention is given to the transplanted hair.

Here are a few points patients should be careful with in winter;

  • Keep your hair transplant area away from the cold and rain. Especially if you are in the early recovery period of your hair transplant, you should protect the area from the rain and cold. Patients are advised to stay indoors as much as they can during winter; however, if you need to go outside, you can use loose hats and berets to protect your head from the external factors. The looseness of the hats you use is very important because tight hats can also be harmful for your transplanted hair and may cause some extra side effects during the recovery period.
  • Keep your hair and scalp moist. Our skin and hair are more prone to get dry during winter due to the cold and windy weather. It is essential to use the prescribed lotions and shampoos to keep your scalp and hair moist. These products are beneficial on keeping the hair transplant area away from the damages of the dryness and supporting the healing. It is also advisable to be careful with nutrition and stay hydrated to maintain the moisture in your scalp.
  • Keep the sweating under control. Most of the people are very eager to dress in layers, using the heater at the highest level or exercise during winter to be protected from the cold. However, these practices may cause sweating when done excessively; sweat may cause infections and irritation on the scalp and can make your healing process quite uncomfortable. Therefore, patients should be careful with the practices which may cause them to sweat during winter.

The basic rules to keep your hair transplant results safe during winter are not at all difficult to be followed; with enough attention, hair transplant is a safe and successful operation in every season. To get further information on the procedure and aftercare process, please get in touch with Mono Hair Transplant Clinic; our medical consultants are looking forward to meet you. Check out the page https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/micro-fue-hair-transplant/  for detailed information.

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Almost everybody experience hair loss at one point of their life, either it is mild or severe. There are many different causes of hair loss, some of which you might not even think are related to the health of the hair at all; but the truth is, hair is a sensitive thing and very prone to get affected from the external conditions and changes on the body.

Among all the causes of hair loss, perhaps the one which is the most common is seasonal hair loss; this is a term we often hear, but do we know why the seasonal changes have an impact on our hair or how to prevent them?

What is seasonal hair loss?

Seasonal hair loss is a phenomenon that mostly occurs in fall or spring seasons and more common among women than men. While there is not any exact reason for that, it is a result of the changes on the body getting effected by the external factors and trying to keep up with the new seasonal conditions. Some people may be genetically more prone to experience seasonal hair loss than others. When some researchers say that the seasonal hair loss is related to the level of sun exposure of the scalp and dryness of the scalp skin due to the changing weather, some others suggest that it is caused by hormones changing in accordance to the degree of light and dark hours during the day.

Though more commonly experienced, seasonal hair loss is not as severe as many other types of hair loss, like the ones caused by Androgenetic Alopecia or Alopecia Areata.

How long does it last?

While the most common time to experience seasonal hair loss is autumn, it can also be seen in other seasons; individuals with different body habits can go through the problem in different seasons. Normally, seasonal hair loss lasts around 2-3 months, in whichever season it occurs. If this period extends longer and gets more severe, the reason of your hair loss is very likely to be something else than seasonal changes; in this case, in order to identify the exact problem and look for the solutions, a professional opinion is a must.

How to reduce the seasonal hair loss?

   It is not possible to stop seasonal hair loss completely as it is related to the natural growth cycle of your hair; however, to keep it under control and keep the loss in minimum, there are a few things you can do;

  • Do not comb your hair when it is wet. Wet hair is more sensitive and prone to get damaged; combing it or going out with wet hair can cause harm.
  • Keep your hair moist. Do not skip your hair care done with suitable products like natural oils and conditioners. Dry hair and scalp are more prone to breakage and hair fall.
  • Vitamins and minerals are important for the strength of hair; eating well and healthy is important to keep your hair nourished.
  • Avoid tight updos. The traction caused by some hairstyles may increase the level of your seasonal hair loss.

If you suspect that your hair loss is not caused by seasonal changes but a different factor and would like to find the most suitable remedy, please contact Mono Hair Transplant Clinic; our experienced medical consultants will identify your hair loss condition and recommend you the most suitable treatment.

Click https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/ for technical information on the subject.

Hakan Aydogan

Our hair is exposed to many harmful factors in daily life even if we do not notice it; sun, improper brushing, wrong usage of hair products, buns and tails that pulls the hair strongly, dryers and straighteners are the biggest reasons for our hair to get damaged and go weak.

Refraining from the harmful external factors is the first step to have healthy hair; but then again, it is very hard to refrain them because they are all part of our daily lives. So, as a more preferable way, a good haircare routine can help you to reduce the negative effects of external factors and have stronger hair.

Natural oils are an important part of haircare routines with many benefits and easy application. Professionals state that natural oils are much more recommendable to include into the haircare routine instead of fully chemical products because they are more successful on nourishing hair without any side effect.

There are many types of natural oils beneficial for the hair; here are some of the most effective ones.

Argan Oil

   Also known as “liquid gold”, argan oil is one of the most efficient oils for hair which is also used in many hair products. Argan oil is obtained from the fresh kennels of argan tree which grows in Morocco and can be used in both cooking and cosmetics. There are many healthy vitamins and antioxidant in it which helps hair to get moisturized, smoother and conditioned. Argan oil also improves the scalp health.

Argan oil can be used in many ways; there are numerous haircare products made with argan oil in forms of shampoo, conditioner or hair mask. On the other hand, you can make your own haircare product using argan oil too, perhaps combining it with a few other oils which are also healthy for your hair.

Coconut Oil

Being beneficial for many other conditions as well, coconut oil is one of the most preferred oils used for haircare. It is very successful on protecting hair from external damages like sun or wind and reducing the breakage. It makes the hair shiny and strong.

Coconut oil can be used as a conditioner before or after hair wash; or during hair wash as an ingredient of your shampoo. It can also be applied to the scalp by massaging to improve the scalp skin.

Tea Tree Oil

   Tea tree oil has been used to treat many skin problems for ages; it is known for its positive effects on hair of making it stronger and reducing the dandruff. Unlike many other natural oils, this oil is to use topically and should not be ingested. Tea tree oil can be applied as an ingredient of shampoos or directly after it is diluted.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is very good for both the hair and the scalp as it blends with the balance of the scalp very well. It is very commonly used in shampoos and conditioners to reduce dandruff and moisturize the hair. It includes Vitamin B, C and E; it is effective on treating the dry scalp and hair especially.

Natural oils are very convenient for daily usage to protect and strengthen the hair; however, they are not effective on supporting the growth of new hair in the bald spots of the scalp. If you suffer from a hair loss condition, you should consult to a professional to assess hair transplant options to achieve the most successful results. Mono Hair Transplant Clinic treats hair loss conditions with the most advanced techniques of hair transplant. In order to get more information on techniques in a detailed online consultation, please get in touch with us; our dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to meet you.

Click Monoplanthairclinic.com/ to get support from an expert on the subject.

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Having a cosmetic procedure is a life-changing action; the things about our appearance that we are uncomfortable with have a quite big impact on our confidence and attitude towards life.

Hair transplant is one of those life-changing operations that provides patients with more than just a restored hair. After a successful hair transplant which is designed in accordance to the patient’s desires, the patients are one step closer to look like how they feel; it is very significant step goes to being and feeling complete.

After a hair transplant, there are certain things that will change in your life which can make you regret for not making this decision sooner.

1.     Physical appearance

Hair transplant is a delicate operation performed with micro tools and micro incisions; it is incredible how an operation so tiny, leads for such big differences in the overall appearance. Hair transplant guarantees an improved appearance with a restored hair line and increased hair density.

2.     How old you look

It is a proved fact that people with healthy hair look much younger than the people who suffer from hair loss. Hair has been associated with youth and power for ages; a good hair transplant will not only impact your overall appearance but also make you look younger. Who does not like to turn back the clock, right?

3.     Your confidence

Confidence is a feeling comes from inside of the individual; but it is actually very much related to the physical appearance. To be confident does not mean looking good, for sure; confidence on the appearance comes from the individual’s desired look, the look he/she adopts the best and feels comfortable with. Hair transplant is a surgery that ensures the patients on a full control over the treatment plan and hair design; therefore, it is very successful on providing the patients with the look which is ideal specifically for them.

4.     Social life

   A person with restored appearance and confidence undoubtedly has a better social life; one of the worst things about the hair loss is its negative effect on person’s relationships and position in the social life. The people who are uncomfortable with their appearances and have a low self-esteem are less eager to communicate and build up healthy relations with other people; this usually concludes with the strong sense of loneliness. Hair transplant patients are very happy to enjoy the improvements on their social relations coming with the restored self-esteem after the operation.

5.     Your style

After you achieve a good result with hair transplant, there will be no obstacle preventing you from staying behind the latest trends. Hair transplant gives the most natural and permanent results obtained by using the patient’s own natural hair; this means, you will be in total charge of how to shave, cut or style your hair, since it is your own original hair and it will keep growing. Your new hair will motivate you to look your best all the time.

6.     Your approach to cosmetic operations

   It should be remembered that cosmetic operations are actually done for making the individual feel better about themselves; but then again this purpose is often misunderstood and cosmetic operations are subject to many judgments. Many hair transplant patients gain a different perception on cosmetic procedures once they have experienced the consequences themselves.

7.     No more money and time wasting on temporary hair loss treatments

Hair transplant is not the only hair loss treatment available, of course; there are many other hair restoration treatments which are usually effective temporarily. Until achieving the permanent results with hair transplant, many patients try these treatments like over-the-counter products or herbal oils and spend a great amount of money and time on them. When you enjoy the life-long results of your hair transplant, you do not need to waste any more money or time on any other treatments.

If you would like to initiate your journey to a life-changing hair transplant with the most talented and experienced hair transplant specialists and turn a new page in your life, please get in touch with Mono Hair Transplant Clinic; our dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to help you. Visit page for https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/mesotherapy-for-hair-loss/

Nzmi Yogurtcu

Although it is usually perceived as a male specific problem, hair loss is a very commonly experienced problem by women as well. There are multiple reasons for hair loss in female such as genetics, hormonal changes, certain medications, stress or pregnancy; pregnancy is one of the most common reasons for hair loss in female.

Hair loss and pregnancy

   Hair loss condition in pregnancy is not expected to be experienced by every pregnant woman. While in some cases hair gets even thicker in pregnancy, in others the shedding may increase instead; or hair loss can be experienced after the pregnancy as well.

In whichever phase you experience it; hair loss is highly related to the pregnancy as the body goes through a lot of changes during that period and hair is very prone to be affected by these changes.

The most common reasons for hair loss during pregnancy are vitamin deficiencies and hormonal changes. Another reason can be stress; because of the hormones, pregnant women are more prone to feel anxiety and stress.

Can pregnant women have hair transplant?

As it is known for its successful results, hair transplant is a very demanded operation from both genders; therefore, it is not a surprise for women who experience hair loss in their pregnancy to seek for this treatment.

However, hair transplant is not recommended for pregnant women because of multiple reasons. First of all, hair transplant is an elective surgery that requires local anesthesia applications and further medication before and after the procedure for some cases. Although this may not be the case too, there is a risk that these substances may adversely affect the health of the pregnant women and the fetus.

Another reason is that your hair loss related to your pregnancy is very like to be temporary. Usually, the hair loss condition experienced during pregnancy only requires a treatment when there is actually a different and permanent reason behind it. But in most cases, when adequate time has passed after the delivery and the body has regulated itself, hair loss disappears by itself; therefore, having a hair transplant during pregnancy is an early action to take since the type and the permanence of the hair loss may not even require any action at the end.

Hair transplant after pregnancy

In fact, hair loss is more commonly experienced after the birth; the sudden decrease on estrogen hormone may cause excessive hair loss and this a temporary situation. Hair loss treatments including hair transplant, are not considered suitable for the post-pregnancy period too, especially if you are breastfeeding. The chemical substances used for a hair transplant procedure may affect your breastfeeding, and consequently your child. In addition to that, a period of one year after birth, is for body to turn back to its normal functioning; therefore, the structure of the hair loss problem can only be examined accurately after this period.

Although pregnancy is not the right time for a hair transplant, Mono Hair Transplant Clinic will be happy to help you identify your hair loss condition and inform you about the treatment options in a detailed online consultation; our medical consultants are looking forward to meet you.

For detalied information, please visit https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/

Hakan Aydogan

The prevalence of hair loss conditions has led many scientific researches for the possible treatments; currently, there are numerous treatments available for this condition, the effectiveness of which varies from person to person.

Medicines produced for hair loss are actually the first solution that comes to mind of every hair loss patient. They are very accessible and very easy to use. They are one of the most affordable treatment options available for the problem. But, are they really effective?

Medicines available for hair loss conditions

The differentiation between the cosmetic products and approved medication for hair loss should be made carefully. There are so many products available and commercialized to be effective on hair loss, but in order to prevent the waste of time and money or to prevent any unwanted complication, the best treatment option should be decided with a professional. If the medication treatment is found suitable for the individual’s case, only the prescribed medicines should be used in accordance to the instructions from your doctor.

There are two main types of hair loss medicines found to be effective and approved to be used by patients currently.

Minoxidil: Minoxidil had been used as a high blood pressure medicine for a long time until it was discovered that it caused excessive hair growth. It is the only medication which can be used by both men and women. Though it is helpful to some degree for regrowth too, it is mainly effective on maintaining of the existing follicles.

Finasteride: Finasteride was developed as a cure for prostate enlargement and cancer. It works as reducing the production of DHT hormone which is the cause for male pattern baldness. It is only suitable for male and should not be used or even touched by females as it may cause negative effects on pregnancy and birth. Finasteride can only be obtained by prescription and should not be used without a doctor’s opinion.

Are medications useful for hair loss?

It is very understandable why people who suffer from hair loss conditions opt for over-the-counter products before considering about any kind of surgical hair restoration procedure like hair transplant. However, the medication is only found to be effective to a certain degree on hair loss and balding conditions which is usually not satisfactory for patients. In addition to the low success rate, medications should be used for a long period to show their function and the long period of usage may cause unwanted side effects in other parts of the body. Medications are found to be more effective on the maintenance of the existing hair and preventing hair thinning than restoring the fallen hair; therefore, the usage of hair loss medication is usually more preferred in the very early stages of hair loss conditions.

In order to find out the ultimate hair loss treatment for your individual condition, you must consult to a doctor. Random use of certain over-the-counter products may cause reverse effects and waste of time and money for some conditions.

The most effective solution for any level of hair loss condition has been hair transplant since it has been developed to a significant degree with the latest technological and medical improvements. To find out the best suitable treatment for your individual condition, please contact us and get a free online consultation.

For detailed information visit https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/sapphire-fue-hair-transplant/


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Facial hair which means beard and mustache transplant procedure have become a famous pattern as of late. Despite the fact that there are little contrasts, the operation is practically like the hair transplant. Individuals favor facial hair and mustache transplant because of numerous stylish reasons. The principle purpose behind the transplant procedure is that facial hair seem to be scarce and light on some parts. This matter can easily be solved by putting hair follicles to the particular parts of the face. On the off chance that an accomplished surgeon does the beard and mustache transplantation, it is hard to recognize the operated area from the rest. Certain indiviuals experience the ill effects of scarring because of hair breaks or medical procedures, while other people are not content with the look of their mustache and beard. Facial hair transplants are accessible for a wide range of desires.

After the beard and mustache transplant, the patient go back to the every day life right away. The patient can wash his face one to two days after the procedure. First wash is the medical wash. Hair roots that are newly planted will start to show up in 2 to 3 days. There is a rise in the blood flow specifically in the planted region and it may lead to skin break out like little rednesses in the hair roots for the first few days.Due to the thickening of the blood emerging from the little openings, you may notice some redness which can keep going for 4 to 6 hours as indicated by the quantity of roots. These rednesses provides a better sustenance for the transplanted hair follicles and for the most part vanish in a week.The hair follicles go through a sudden loss around fourteen days after facial hair transplant procedure. After this transitory loss, the hair roots develop totally between 4 to 8 months in accordance with the hereditary features of the individual.

The patient leaves the clinic with a swathe covering the transplant site. The patient should change the swathe every now and then for three days. During this period the patient ought not wash his face. The healing cycle after the procedure keeps going around one week. It is of great importance for the patient to avoid any streneous exercise for the first week after the transplant.Too much work could lead to unwanted results in the transplanted hair follicles. The patient shouldn’t use alcohol for at least two days after the procedure. And the patient shouldn’t smoke during the time of the healing cycle. During this cycle, the hair roots have shells. This shells starts to vanish gradually with the principal medical wash on the third day. At that point, the patient can feel the advancement of the roots in the beard and mustache transplant area.The patient may cut the mustache with scissors  after two weeks following the procedure. Nonetheless, the patient should be cautious while utilizing scissors as the follicles may not have been clutched to the skin still. Some shedding may happen 14 days post operation. Following approximately 8 to 12 weeks. The new facial hair starts to develop again and keeps on filling in the ordinary way. Following a half year of the beard and mustache transplant, the roots altogether clutch to the skin.

For detailed information, visit  https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/beard-transplant/https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/.

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We have all admired a celebrity and tried to look like him/her in our childhood and teenage years; this celebrity has been David Beckham for most of the boys in their young age for a long period. Actually, he did not lose much of his popularity and ideal image today.

As a good-looking and successful football player, it is not surprising that he is a role model for men of all ages. There was a time that every male around the world from young to adult, styled their hair in Mohawk just because that was how Beckham styled his hair.

David Beckham has appeared with many different hair styles so far. From braids and top-buns to Mohawk; he has been very prone to change when it comes to his style and whatever he did, has been a trend of men style throughout the world.

Unfortunately, male pattern baldness is a reality for almost %60 of men, even if you are David Beckham. Beckham’s father was severely bald and it did not be a surprise for him to experience this same genetic condition; especially when it is considered that he probably applies so many hair-style products to look his best all the time which would be not very beneficial for the progress of his hair loss condition.

Did he really get a hair transplant?

The debate on whether David Beckham had hair transplant or not has been going on for a long while.

In 2012, he expressed that he was afraid of going bald and he is fighting against it. He denied to have a hair transplant but instead he said that he would shave it off if he experiences any signs of baldness. Although he was not eager to have such operation back then, in 2018 he was claimed to have a hair transplant eventually. He did not declare his operation officially but in his new pictures, his hair seemed strongly restored and denser; his hairline has appeared to be fixed. Later on, in 2020, he appeared to be experiencing thinning and sparse in his hair again in pictures; this brought out new questions about the ongoing debate.

David Beckham is also claimed to have a beard transplant; however, this remained as an unapproved rumor, too.

What is the technique possibly used in Beckham’s hair transplant?

The truth about him having a hair transplant is still not approved but if his iconic hair owes anything to any kind of hair transplant, it is a type of FUE technique for sure. If David Beckham has preferred to restore his hair or beard, he wanted to do it discreetly for sure. The most convenient hair transplant technique adoptable to a celebrity life is FUE technique due to its no scar feature and quick recovery process. FUE technique is the most developed technique and its variations on the used tools and the materials of micro-devices is developing rapidly every day; so FUE is the ultimate address for a celebrity like David Beckham.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to offer FUE hair transplant procedures for celebrity-like results; FUE gives the most natural results without leaving any scar behind. For the best density and an aesthetic hair line, please do not hesitate to contact us and get an online consultation; our hair transplant specialists are looking forward to meet you.

For detailed information, visit https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/.

Hakan Aydogan

Bushy beard is more than just a style or a trend for men; it symbolizes strength, power, maturity and prestige. Many men claim that they look like somebody else when they shave their beard and moustache; the beard is a part of their identity for most men. As opposed to the older times, the ideal professional look does not require a smooth face anymore; this eliminates the daily life and career obligations on shaving the beard as well.

However, not every man is able to grow a bushy beard as they wish due to some conditions such as genetics, hormonal changes, scar tissue on their face or any disease that may interfere with the beard growth. Thankfully, advanced hair transplant techniques are applicable for facial hair as well; the number of men who are benefitting from these advanced treatments are increasing each day.

Bushy beard trend for men is also triggered by celebrities who have lush beard and moustaches boosting up their charisma and masculine aura. Celebrities like George Clooney, Tom Hardy or David Beckham have been the dream beard models for those who appreciate the bearded look. Of course not every male celebrity is attractive for their strong beard and moustache; there are many celebrities which are attractive with their smooth faces too. But then again, there are also celebrities who would like to restore their style with bushier beards and moustaches; beard and moustache transplants are found efficient by celebrities as well.

The advanced techniques of hair transplant practices have been very efficient on beard and moustache transplants; the smooth and comfortable process and the quick recovery allows celebrities to adopt the operation into their busy routines; the procedure is painless and the side effects are very minimal.

Although there are many celebrity names known for their hair transplant operations, celebrities known for their beard and moustache transplants are not high in number; here are two celebrities who were open about their transplantations.

Jeremy McConnell

Irish model and reality show star Jeremy McConnell had his beard transplant combined with hair transplant operation in 2017. He preferred to have his restorations in a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. He was open about his operations; he shared pictures and allowed the hair transplant clinic to share his pictures as well. It was claimed that he was getting prepared for big projects by looking at his best.

Kyle Christie

   British reality show star and actor Kyle Christie also had a beard transplant in 2017. Kyle was suffering from thinning on his beard and as a person who is in front of the public eye all the time, he wanted to fix this and restore his confidence. His beard transplant operation took 12 hours and done by 2000 grafts transplanted to his beard area.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is the right address for those who would like to restore their beard and moustache with celebrity like results; for bushier beard and moustache, contact us and get a free consultation. Our medical consultants and hair transplant specialists are looking forward to initiate your treatment journey.

You can find more detailed information about our services at https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/beard-transplant/.

Nzmi Yogurtcu

FUE hair transplant practices in Turkey are highly demanded by international patients; FUE is the latest technique improved by the latest technological devices. It has many advantages for hair transplant patients; the technique provides them with a high rate of success and a comfortable healing period. It has outnumbered the other types of hair transplant treatments due to its advantages and the increasing number of demand.

FUE hair transplant technique is the most popular treatment for hair restoration practitioners; hair transplant specialists have specialized on the technique and provide many successful results for both local and international patients.

FUE method is the first preference worldwide; however, especially patients from Europe or United States highly prefer to have their treatments in Turkey. Besides the high number of hair transplant centers in Turkey and the high rate of success, Turkey is also known for its very affordable prices for FUE technique.

Competitive hair transplant market

Due to the fact that the FUE technique is the most demanded technique and also the most suitable technique for many hair loss conditions with many advantages over the other techniques, it leads to a competition between the practitioners in hair transplant market. It is very commonly performed and available in almost all parts of the world; patients need a sensitive searching process for finding a suitable FUE practice for themselves in terms of quality and price. Although Turkey proved itself in this competition with very low prices and quality treatments, the competition goes on in hair transplant market of Turkey as well. There are certain points FUE seekers should be careful with while booking their treatments and certain points affecting the low rates of hair transplant prices.

Requirements and equipment needs of FUE technique

FUE technique has a different course than FUT technique which was the popular treatment before FUE. This brings out different needs for FUE and different kinds of tools to be used in the procedure; these factors are efficient on the treatment prices. The cost of equipment and other needs of the treatment is usually much cheaper than the ones in other countries. This and also the low labor cost around the country allows the practitioners to provide the same quality treatments with much cheaper prices.

Additional services

FUE treatments in Turkey are often offered as a package; package concept is very beneficial for international patients who are visiting Turkey for a FUE hair transplant, especially if it is for their first time. The daily life and daily life costs are quite cheap in Turkey; this allows hair transplant centers to design inclusive packages with very affordable prices. Of course, at this point patients should be careful with the quality of the package facilities; it is important to be aware that the price would differ between 3-star hotel and 5-stal hotel. Patients should be careful with these while comparing package details of different hair transplant centers in order to avoid overpaying and unpleasant surprises.

Affordable FUE prices without compromising quality principles

Hair transplant practices in Turkey are famous for their permanent and satisfactory results; the affordable package prices do not mean cheap treatments. Turkey hair transplant practitioners follow the latest technology and techniques on their field and apply them to their treatments successfully.

The success on FUE technique is a strong proof for the advancement level of Turkey on hair transplant practices.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to provide the most successful FUE hair transplant treatments with the most affordable and all-inclusive treatment packages; all details of the package are arranged by dedicated Mono team for your comfort and well-being. Mono makes very beneficial agreements with the best facilities in the city thanks to its wide recognition; this allows us to design treatment packages with the best facilities and the cheapest costs. If you would like to start your FUE process with an online consultation, please fill out the consultation form; our experienced medical consultants will contact you immediately.

If you want to get more detailed information about prices, you can visit https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/hair-transplant-cost/.

Hakan Aydogan

FUE hair transplant is the most popular hair transplant technique performed all around the world. Turkey has been the most visited country for hair transplant practices; there are many advantages for international patients to choose Turkey for their treatments. One of those advantages is the expertise on FUE technique and technology; the high number of successful FUE results along with the very affordable prices attracts people to have their hair transplant in Turkey.

Why is FUE technique so demanded?

   FUE technique is accepted as one of the most developed techniques for hair transplant operations; but then again, it should be planned and performed delicately just like all hair restoration procedures.

Hair transplant specialists in Turkey have expertise on all the techniques of hair transplant; however, they are especially experienced on FUE technique due to the fact that it is the most demanded procedure.

FUE technique is highly demanded by patients because of the quality results and the comfortable progression. It is much less invasive than FUT technique which was the old popular before FUE technique and it does not leave any visible scars in the donor or recipient area.

FUE technique owes its success to developments on transplantation technologies and tools; with the increasing rate of demand, professionals have invented cutting-edge tools and technologies for a smooth and quality hair transplant procedure. Scarring, being the biggest downside of the old popular FUT, is minimized as possible with FUE technique; instead of a skin strip, now the follicles are collected one by one with the developed extraction tools.

How is FUE hair transplant done?

FUE technique requires a detailed consultation process in which the reasons of hair loss and the medical condition of the patient are examined very carefully. The detailed planning of the treatment should be done in the light of these information along with desired outcomes and aesthetic principles.

In Turkey, most of the hair transplant clinics offer free online consultations for its patients who would like to have FUE hair transplant. Online consultations are very important as a first step of your FUE journey; do not hesitate to ask any questions and share every information to the medical staff you are consulting in order to prevent any misleading information and waste of time.

By the help of micro tools, follicles are harvested from the donor area- which is usually the back of head- one by one and transplanted to channels opened beforehand in the hair loss area in a right angle and depth to obtain permanent and natural results. The area is covered with proper dressings afterwards.

The recovery process of FUE is very smooth. This makes the treatment suitable especially for the international patients who would like to combine their hair transplant treatment with a nice holiday. Day after the procedure, patients will feel good enough to enjoy the touristic attractions providing that they are careful with the post-op instructions.

FUE technique in Turkey

FUE hair transplant is the most demanded and performed technique in Turkey. The expertise of hair transplant specialists in Turkey on FUE technique is the biggest factor on its popularity among those looking for the best results. FUE treatments are also known for their suitability for international patients; they are usually offered in all-inclusive treatment packages which are designed to provide patients with everything they need throughout their journey.

FUE technique is offered in the cheapest rate possible in Turkey due to the low cost of the treatment and cheap daily life in the country. FUE prices in Turkey are almost one tenth of the prices in Europe and United States.

Mono hair transplant specialists are expert FUE practitioners; your FUE hair transplant process with Mono starts with an online consultation covering all your inquiries and a detailed hair analysis. In order to get more information and book your treatment, please get in touch with us.

You can find more detailed information about the FUE Technique at https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/hair-transplant-with-fue-technique/.

Hakan Aydogan

The searching process for a hair transplant treatment abroad can be complicated; there are so many factors which may affect your procedure, results and therefore your decision. One of the most determinant thing while making a decision for your hair transplant is the price. It is for sure that nobody likes to overpay for their treatment.

Turkey offers the most affordable hair transplant procedures; therefore, it is the number one choice of the international patients who are seeking for a hair restoration treatment. But then again, after you decide to have your treatment in Turkey, you still need to choose the hair transplant center among all the options around the country.

The most affordable hair transplant should not mean the cheapest price in the market; it should mean the combination of best quality treatment and all-inclusive package designed with the most affordable rates available. The cheapest price is easy to find; but the most affordable price which can offer you the most satisfying treatment journey requires a delicate researching process.

Make the comparison

While seeking for the best option, do not forget to make comparison; every medical center has some different things to offer its patients. Identify your needs, your expectations and your criteria; it is sometimes helpful to make a pros and cons list for the possible options. Compare your options in terms of their services, former patient reviews, the facilities, the quality of their aftercare. Do not hesitate to question about the details in your online consultation process.

Prices depending on the city

Most popular cities for hair transplant procedures in Turkey are Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya. The cost of daily life and the labor are not all the same in these cities. Since the prices are dependent on these factors highly, they differ from city to city as well. However, it is not very advisable to choose the city only looking at the price rates; first thing to decide is the quality of the treatment. When you find a practice you believe you can trust, the city factor should not affect you that much.

Facilities that the package involves

   As the number of the additional services included in your package increases, the price of the package increases as well. While searching for the most affordable package price, do not forget to take package details and the quality of those details into consideration. For example, the package may include accommodation and transfers but you can encounter some unpleasant surprises like sloppy hotels and untimely transfers. Therefore, while searching for the most affordable, do not ignore the quality for the sake of your treatment journey.

The most affordable hair transplant in Mono

By most affordable prices, Mono always means the best quality treatments and services which are offered with the cheapest prices available; Mono does not compromise the quality in any condition. Our hair transplant center is very recognized in the city; therefore, Mono is able to make very good deals with the most quality partner facilities and include them into the treatment packages with the best rates. Mono wants its patients to be satisfied and therefore designs all the treatment packages by putting the patients comfort and happiness in the first place. If you would like to get further information about the most affordable and most quality hair transplant, please fill up the consultation form; our medical consultants are looking forward to help you.

For detailed information about our center: https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/

Nzmi Yogurtcu

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

Turkey is the most visited country for hair transplant procedures; undoubtedly, there are many advantages the country offers to patients; still, the most affordable prices are usually the first things attracting the patients who are seeking a treatment abroad.

Hair transplant practices are performed widely in Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya. Although the prices may slightly vary depending on the city, the approximate hair transplant treatment price in Turkey ranges between £1200 – £2000 while the prices can reach up to £25.000- £30.000 in UK. This huge difference on prices is mostly the same with other European countries and United States. Considering that Turkey hair transplant prices usually includes the services you will need when you arrive as well, it is very understandable why Turkey is the most popular destination for hair transplant practices.

There are some points clinics take as their criteria while determining their hair transplant prices; every medical center can use different bases while determining their prices and you can choose the best one suits you.

Number of the grafts

Every hair transplant patient has a unique condition which should be treated with an individualized treatment plan; these treatment plans are designed with a certain number of grafts suitable for the specific condition of the patients. Some medical centers determine their hair transplant prices according to the required number of grafts. As the number increases, the price increases accordingly.

Suitable technique

There are multiple techniques for hair transplant treatments; some of those are more complex and requires more advanced technological devices along with more effort from the hair transplant specialists. The development of the necessary technique and the expenses of the necessary tools for that technique may increase the cost of the hair transplant. For example, FUE technique is the most preferred technique today and the regular treatment prices are usually designed by taking FUE as the basis. However, if the condition of the patient requires another method like DHI or Sapphire FUE, the price would increase due to the different equipment and procedure these methods require.

The services

Hair transplant prices are usually offered as a package concept in Turkey including necessary services like accommodation, transfers, meals, medications, shampoos, a personal assistant and washing sessions. These packages can be all-inclusive or may cover only one or two of these. Depending on the inclusiveness of the package, the hair transplant prices may change. It is recommended to book an all-inclusive package since you are travelling to a place you do not know and if you try to arrange those services by yourself, you are very likely to overpay and not be satisfied with them. But when you book an all-inclusive hair transplant package, you will be informed about all the arranged facilities in advance and you can just enjoy your treatment journey afterwards.

Hair transplant prices in Mono

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic offers the most affordable and all-inclusive treatment packages. In Mono, the price is not calculated according to the necessary grafts; the patients are provided with the maximum amount of grafts without any change in the price. In your online consultation, our dedicated medical consultants will inform you about the techniques and make your hair analysis in order to create the most suitable treatment plan for your condition.

Mono hair transplant packages cover every necessary detail for your treatment journey. You will stay in the cozy Mono Villa or one of the luxury partner hotels; in both of which your meals will be covered. Your transfers from and to airport and between the clinic and accommodation will be arranged by us in advance. Your first washing session after the procedure will be done by our hair transplant specialists; you will be provided with the suitable shampoos and medications for your recovery process. During your journey, a multilingual personal assistant will help you with anything you need; when you get back to your country, you will be able to contact us anytime for your recovery process as well. Mono just wants its patients to enjoy their treatments and therefore includes all of these services into the very low cost hair transplant packages. To initiate your treatment journey with an online consultation, please fill the consultation form; our medical consultants are looking forward to help you

More detailed information about prices can be found at https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/hair-transplant-cost/.

Hakan Aydogan

Turkey has been the most popular destination for hair transplant treatments for many years now. People who would like to get the treatment are attracted to the beautiful country because of many reasons. But, where in Turkey is the best hair transplant performed? There are many factors effecting the hair transplant procedures’ quality and results.

Hair transplant treatments in Turkey are accepted as a chance to have a good holiday by patients. Turkey has so many tourist attractions all around the country; especially in the cities of Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya which are the places where a high number of hair transplant practices takes place. Hair transplant is a comfortable procedure with its all phases; that allows patients to enjoy all the beautiful attractions the country has before or after their operation without feeling any discomfort caused by the procedure.

Although Turkey offers very advantageous and holiday-like hair transplant journeys, there are some points patients should be careful with while they are choosing a place for their hair transplant in Turkey.

Package details

In Turkey, most of the hair transplant practices are offered in a package concept; but it is essential to get information about the details of these packages. What do they include? Are they designed with good facilities? Will there be any hidden fees you need to pay when you are there? Are the aftercare services adequate? These are very important points which may affect your treatment journey positively or negatively. While there are medical centers offering all-inclusive and quality hair transplant packages, there are also places whose actual package details may disappoint you. Therefore, patients should question every detail about the package before confirming their bookings.

Hair transplant techniques

Turkey hair transplant practices are very well-developed and are offered with the best techniques and technology. However, there is still a chance that you encounter old-fashioned techniques or inadequate medical tools which can decrease the success rate of your operation. Although this is not a very common situation, it is still recommended to ask about the techniques and devices before having your treatment; it is important even if it is not for old-fashioned techniques, but for knowing if the technique is suitable for your individual condition.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to be the right address for those who are seeking for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey; our clinic is situated in the heart of Izmir city from where you can easily access to any touristic attractions of the city. You can take a walk around the historical Clock Tower or have a coffee in the beautiful coast line against the sea.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic accommodates its patients in cozy Mono Villa or one of the luxury partner hotels. During your stay, all your meals, inner city transfers and airport transfers will be covered and organized by us.

First washing session will be done by our hair transplant specialist after your procedure; you will be provided with the suitable medications and shampoos before you get back to your country.

Hair transplant experience in Mono starts with an online consultation in which a detailed hair analysis will be done and an individualized treatment plan will be created for you by our dedicated medical consultants and experienced hair transplant specialists. In order to benefit from Mono privileges for your hair transplant treatment, contact us and initiate your journey with the best option.


Nzmi Yogurtcu

   Hair restoration treatments are highly demanded due to the need evolved from the high number of people experiencing hair loss. Although many of those treatments are able to provide efficient and durable results, it is essential to be aware of the terms related to hair restoration treatments in order to understand the differences, detailed features and find the most appropriate one for yourself.

The term hair implant is commonly used as a synonym of the term hair transplant. Except both being hair restoration treatments, these two are different things.

Hair implants are artificial, synthetic hair made from biocompatible material. While the term is used interchangeably with hair transplant, it actually means the implantation of artificial hair into the scalp.

Difference between hair transplant and hair implants

Although not as commonly practiced as hair transplant treatments, also hair implant has a part in hair restoration practices. Therefore, it is quite essential to be aware of the differences, advantages, disadvantages, long term consequences and possible complications for whichever you choose to have.

Hair transplant includes your own natural hair collected to be transferred to the balding spots of your scalp while hair implants are artificial hair to be implanted to the balding areas without including any collecting process before. This means there is no need for a donor area while having hair implants; the hair quantity or quality in other parts of your scalp are not important factors effecting the process since they will not be a part of the process.

Hair implants are foreign substances to your body and there is always a possibility that your body may react reversely to them. Not everybody has the same body habits and although they are biocompatible, hair implant materials may cause allergies for some people. Since this occasion may cause serious problems when experienced during or after the process, it is highly recommended to have an allergy test before a hair implant procedure. Also, infection is more commonly seen in hair implant treatments than hair transplant treatments due to the same reason.

The transplanted hair is your own natural hair in hair transplant; so it will grow, fall and then grow again just like it did in its original place. You can shave them, cut them or style them as you wish; whichever you do, your transplanted roots will be there for you, going on with their growth cycle. On the other hand, after having hair implants, the artificial hair is not going to be able to grow or keep up with the hair’s own natural growth cycle. If you shave it or cut it, it will remain like that and not grow back; you will need to use the same hair style for quite a long time. If a hair implant falls by itself, you will need to replace it with a new one since there is no living root it leaves behind to grow a new hair.

Final results

Hair transplant procedures give very natural results thanks to the technique that uses the patient’s own natural hair; however, hair implants are not that effective in giving the same natural impression like natural hair. They are usually considered as similar to wigs, just more complex, improved and persistent.

The final result of a hair implant treatment is visible immediately after the procedure while the hair transplant results require 8-12 months to be visible.

Hair implants are not as popular as hair transplants due to the disadvantages in the long term, possible complication and unnatural results. Hair transplant treatments provide the most natural and convenient results just as if your hair has never fallen down at the first place.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to offer hair transplant treatments with the highest success rate; get in touch with us for treatment packages and all-inclusive prices.


Nzmi Yogurtcu

It is very easy to get information from the internet in today’s World. While it is possible to get true information, it is possible to get wrong information from the internet. Hair Transplantation is one of the topics that you possibly have wrong information about. In this text, I will be sharing the false facts about the Hair Transplantation.
First of all, I would like to give an answer to “Is Haır Transplantation permanent?” question. On the contrary it is supposed that plantation of hair is a temporary solution of your hair loss concerns, Hair Transplant is a permanent solution! With the help of developing and high technology, hair transplantation procedure gives you the permanent solutions and the planted hair can survive life long. On the other hand, it is quite normal to see the hair loss in the upcoming days after the operation performed and the reason behind the hair reduction, the planted hair will grow up getting stronger then ever! If the area of nape is preferred to get the hair, there is an aim to make the hair which is planted permanent.

You can possibly suppose that this is a complicated operation there are niddles used and therefore the procedure is painful. This information is also wrong. The operation is not painful and it can be said that the pain is very minimum level. Another wrong information about the procedure is that the age is important fact if you would like to get the operation done and we can say that hair transplantation can be performed regardless whether you are young or old aged. If there is sufficient hair to take on your nape then the operation is performable. Also you can get the operation regardless whether you are woman or man. If you think that men prefer to get the operation mostly that is also false fact. Because lots of woman get hair plantation operation done.

The cost of the transplantation is one of the main concerns and it is supposed that the procedure is quite expensive. No! According to your expectations and your concerns, our Hair Transplant Specialist will examine your health check form and pictures, based on both you will be provided with the best treatment plan for you. We provide many services which include in the package details such as maximum graft numbers ,4nights accomodation at cozy Mono Villa or 5starred hotel, 24/7 English speaking host, all in-city and airport transfers, 1 year follow up, washing and check-up session, medical shampoos for our patients, medical fees, tests and check-up, examinations. All of these services will be included in the all-inclusive package details that we have prepared for our patients. If you still think that all of these will be very expensive for you, you are wrong! We have very affordable prices.
You can contact with us all the time you wish for further information about the treatment plans and its details also for the package details. We woud love help you and we are looking forward to hear from you!
Warmest Regards,
Mono Team


Nzmi Yogurtcu

Hair loss is one of the most common problems for people nowadays.Unfortunately we hear that many people suffer from hair reduction and baldness. It is a problem for both men and women which not effects the appeareance but also the psychology of the patients. When its considered that women care physical apperance more than men, the pshycological effect on women can be much more. We can say that there are many different reasons behind the hair loss and it vary according to the gender and person. Heredity, medical conditions and age can be the reason behind the hair loss which men have to face with.

Hopefully, Hair Transplant method which has lots of tecniques gives excellent results. It helps you to get your healthy hair back. Patients who get hair transplant done start to feel much more better due to their apperance gives them satisfaction from the result of the method. They become more confident in the social environment and they start to play active role at the society. As it is mentioned before, hair loss is not a problem just for men but also for women and therefore Hair Transplant method is not a solution for men only but also for women. “Can women have hair transplant, too?” Of course! If you are woman and suffer from hair loss, you can be the suitable canditate for Hair Transplantation procedure as well. At first step, it is really important to find the exact reason of your concern. Your genetic predisposition, medical and surgical history, your age, stress, pregnancy, menapause, hormone leves can be the one of the reason of your hair loss. As well as to find the reason is important, the patient’s expectation is important, too. In some tecniques, the hair does not need to be shaved totally. For some of the patients it can be a problem. Therefore FUT tecnique can be the best treatment plan for you because of the fact that it is not neccessary to shave the whole concerned area. We provide more than 10 procedure to help your hair loss problem. The methods give very successful results for women according to the researchs and treatments done. If you have hair loss problem and unhappy with the situation, you can start your Hair Transplantation journey.

According to your expectations and your concerns, our Hair Transplant Specialist will examine your health check form and pictures, based on both you will be provided with the best treatment plan for you. Besides all, we have very affordable prices and we provide many services which include in the package details such as maximum graft numbers ,4nights accomodation at cozy Mono Villa or 5starred hotel, 24/7 English speaking host, all in-city and airport transfers, 1 year follow up, washing and check-up session, medical shampoos for our patients.
As Monoplant Hair Clinic, we are ready to define and diagnose potential causes of your hair loss and provide the best treatment plan for you. Let’s contact with us and our medical consultants will provide  personilized treatment plan for you. You will get unique treatment plan because you are unique!

Hakan Aydogan

Hair has an important role in the life of humanity since ancient times. When we examine the early ages and the mythology we see that the hair symbolizes power, strength, feminity and also masculinity. The hair which becomes a theme on the mythology, literature and a term which can be seen everywhere in someone’s life, has a huge effect on person’s mind. The effect that I am talking about is the penetration of the context between hair and aesthetic perceptation. It is possible to hold the codes responsible which are processed in our subconscious as if the long hair and thick hair create the perception of beautiful and handsome.

In today’s World, we hear that many people regardless of whether they are man or woman has problem with their hair. As I mentinoned before due to the fact that hair has an important role in the life of people, the concerns about hair can cause pretty negative effects on person’s mind. According to some researchs, the dissatisfaction of hair causes pschological problems such as anxiety, the loss of self confidence, alienation from society, the feeling of inadequacy. It is quite normal that if you are not happy with your hair and the important point in here to find the cause of the hair loss. There can be lots of reason behind your hair loss, for example genetic factors, hormone values etc. After all, the solution is simple, Hair Transplantation! With the help of developing technology it is very easy to find a solution for your concerns. Hair Transplantation is an operation which gives permanent solutions for patients who are concerned with their hair loss. When the operation is performed with safe hands, the results are absolutely super satisfactory. There are lots of hair transplantation tecniques used and the treatment plan should be personalizd treatment plan for each patient. As Mono Team, we provide special and unique treatment plan for our patients by considering their concerns and expectations. After the reason of the hair loss diagnosed, it is time to find the best treatment tecnique and to perform. The personalized treatment planning is really important from the very beginning to the end even after the procedure performed. Once the person get the hair transplantation operation done, the effects start to be seen from the very beginining. It can be said very confidently that there is no way to see negative effects on somebody’s life. Hair Transplantation has positive effects very much in patient’s life. It can be said that patient starts to feel much better, they feel themselves totally sufficient, their anxiety disappears. They become more social, the level of selfconfidence increases. Due to the fact that the old concerns about their hair gone away, they get satisfaction from the results and they become happier in their lives.

If you are unhappy with your hair condition and have aesthetic concerns there is nothing to worry about, there is always a solution, you can start your new journey! As Mono Team we would love to help you and we are ready to walk with you in this journey. You can contact with our experienced medical consultants and you can take a step to change your life. We are waiting to hear from you!

For detailed information about our services, you can go to https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/.

Nzmi Yogurtcu

First of all I would like to start by saying that, as a human being we have our own endless sea which is filled with lots of wishes demands requirements expectations concerns goals and we always try to find a solution due to the fact that by our creation. Hopefully the life is easier than the early ages and we live in a technology age. It is easy to find a solution to our demands and moreover we have lots of choice and options! It is totally unquestinable that if you want it, you get it and that is the truth, but the point is to get something you wish as in the most desired way.

It is important to analyze your concerns deeply and decide your expectations as well. Let’s say that you are not happy with your hair’s current situation and there is an idealised figure of your hair in your mind and you have concerns about it but you have decided to find a solution for it recently. Thanks to technology, it is quite simple to have the hair as in your idealization. Hair Transplantation is the solution for your concerns. Yes, you know the solution right now but there is still something very important because to know the solution is not enough. While starting your journey, you will have lots of options about the tecniques of hair transplantation because there are lots of tecniques can be used for the operation and also you will have lots of places to find. It is certain that you can get it but the important point is where to get it done. As I said before, the matching between your desire and the results is quite important. As Mono Team, we always start to journey at the very beginning with our patients. First of all, the reason of the hair loss should be found out and diagnosed and then the treatment plan should be provided for the patient. Your genetic, medical and surgical history can be the reason of the hair loss. As our medical consultants are very well-educated and experienced you need to be educated about the procedure that you are going to have done first of all. In the next step, our hair transplantation specialist will examine your condition and prepare the personolized treatment plan according to your requirements.

Besides all, we will provide many services which include in the all inclusive treatment package details such as maximum graft numbers with minumum costs ,4nights accomodation at cozy Mono Villa or 5starred hotel, 24/7 multilingual speaking host, all in-city and airport transfers, 1 year follow up, washing and check-up session, medical shampoos for our patients all the medical fees, tests and checkups will be included in the package details. It is certain that as a human being, each of us love to being liked, treated and hosted well, moreover if we are in the progress of reaching the idealised apperance we wished for. If it is possible to have it with very affordable prices and get fantastic services and results, why you still waiting?
As Monoplant Hair Clinic, we believe that you are worth everything and you are and your wishes are so important. If you would like to start your journey, we are always here and are looking forward to meet you!

Hakan Aydogan

Çevresel ve genetik faktörler, stres, düşük vitamin değerleri, hastalık nedeniyle saç dökülmesi problemi yaşayan ve kalıcı saçlara sahip olmak isteyen herkes, saç ekimini nereye yaptırmalıyım, en iyi saçları nerede yapmalıyım gibi çeşitli soruların cevaplarını merak ediyor nakil merkezi, nakil yaptıranların tavsiyeleri nelerdir. Saç ekimi yaptırmadan önce ön araştırma yaparak en iyi kliniğin nerede olduğunu öğrenebilir, yaptıranların tavsiyelerini dinleyerek saç ekimi operasyonunun başarısı hakkında ön fikir sahibi olabilirsiniz.

Sağlığımızla ilgili her konuda çok titiz davranıyoruz, araştırma yapıyor ve en iyi hastanede doğru doktoru bulmaya çalışıyoruz. Bu hepimizi kişisel olarak ilgilendiren bir durum. Saç ekimi kozmetik bir işlem gibi görünse de güvenilir ve yetkin ellerde yapılmazsa hem estetik açıdan kötü hem de sağlığı tehdit eden sonuçlara neden olabilir. Doğru kararların verilebilmesi için tüm bireylerin bilgilendirilmesi ve bilgilendirilmesi gerekir.

İlk ve en önemli; Saç ekimi hastane veya tıp merkezi ortamında yapılmalıdır. Bunun çeşitli ayrıntıları vardır, ekim ortamının steril koşulları ve çalışan personelin sağlık kontrolleri olarak özetlenebilir.

Diğer bir şart ise saç ekimi işleminin bir uzmanın sorumluluğu ve gözetimi altında yapılmasıdır. Saç dökülmesini sadece kalıtsal olarak görmek ve herhangi bir araştırma yapmadan direkt saç ekimine başlamak yanlış olabilir. Doktorunuz tarafından gerekli görüldüğünde saç dökülmesine neden olabilecek bazı hastalık veya nedenleri belirlemek için çeşitli kan testleri ve testleri yapılabilir, gerekirse cilt doktorundan konsültasyon istenebilir.

İşlem sonrası kullanılacak ilaçlar medikal ilaç olduğu için mutlaka doktor tarafından reçete edilmelidir. İşlem sonrası kişinin yaşayabileceği sorunlar her sağlık probleminde olduğu gibi doktor tarafından takip edilmeli ve tedavi edilmelidir.

Her kişi benzersiz ve özeldir; saç dökülmesinin yolu da öyle. Saç dökülmesinin tipi, yaşı ve saç kalitesi göz önünde bulundurularak her hasta için özel bir planlama yapılmalıdır. Her hastaya aynı tedavi yöntemini uygulamak imkansızdır. En önemlisi hastaya alınabilecek sonuçlar örneklerle gösterilmeli, saç sayısı ve kalitesine göre nasıl bir başarı elde edilebileceği iyice anlatılmalıdır. Bunun için plastik cerrahın birçok hastayla ilgilenecek şekilde tecrübeli olması gerekir; Kime, nasıl ve hangi tedavinin uygulanacağının belirlenmesi esastır. Bazı hastalar FUE saç ekimini, bazılarında ilaç tedavisi ve / veya PRP, mezoterapi tercih edebilir. Bunun için hasta deneyimli bir plastik cerrah veya dermatolog tarafından muayene edilmeli, saç analizi ve gerekirse kan testleri yapılmalıdır.

Sonuç olarak; Kurumsal kimliğe sahip, hasta memnuniyetini ve güvenliğini birinci önceliği ve onlar için vazgeçilmez kabul eden, uzun süredir saç ekimi yapan, geniş bilgi ve tecrübeye sahip merkezlerde işlemlerin yapılması tavsiye edilmektedir. For this, you can visit our and get in touch with us.

Nzmi Yogurtcu

After the hair transplant surgery, a very impatient waiting period begins. The person who has hair transplantation wants to get the reward of such trouble immediately. However, after the hair transplant surgery, the time for the person to have new hair varies depending on the person, but it takes approximately 6 months on average. After the hair transplant, after the healing process is over, the transplanted hair starts to grow immediately within 2-3 months, but it takes about 1 year to get the desired natural state. Although this process varies from person to person, this period may be shorter depending on the structure of the hair and environmental effects.

In the first 2 weeks after hair transplantation, small wounds in the newly transplanted area heal by scabbing. Transplanted grafts hold and adapt to their new places in this period. Immediately after the shock loss, the hairs that enter the normal growth cycle grow 1 – 2 cm per month. In this process, the first period hair extracted by the roots, which have not yet regained their natural form, may be weaker or weaker than normal hair.

Temporary shedding in hair transplantation is a process that is necessary for the hair strands to regain their normal growth form right after the first healing process. This process begins approximately 1 month after the hair transplant operation. The start and end time of temporary spill may vary from body to body.

As of the second month, temporary shedding ends and hair follicles begin to grow. The cells of each hair follicle that is transplanted and shed that will produce hair begin the incubation period under the skin. Incubation period is one of the most important processes in hair transplantation. In this process, you can use vitamins that are good for hair if you wish. You can also have prp vaccination whenever possible. In the fourth month, the hair strands grow and begin to take a certain shape. The transplanted hair starts to grow with the 4th and the growing hair begins to grow. It will take time for the hair to get stronger. Between the 4th and the 6th months, it is the period when the growth and growth period of the transplanted hair is the most intense. During this period, hair continues to grow almost every day. At the end of the 6th month, the transplanted hair will grow at a minimum of 45-80%.

The hair of the person can be easily noticed with the naked eye, the hair follicles that enter the normal growth cycle in the eighth month and after, become thicker and begin to take their natural form. Curly hair syndrome, which can occur in some people, disappears after the eighth month. At the end of the 12th month, the 1st year after the hair transplantation, is completed and more than 90% of the transplanted hair has grown.

At the end of 12 months, your hair follicles will continue to grow naturally. The transplanted hair enters a natural growth process like your own hair after a 1-year period and starts to grow 1-2 cm per month on average. The only issue that needs to be considered here is where it is used as the donor area in the hair transplant operation because as you know, all hair follicles in our body are not the same as our hair in our head area.

As a result; The answer to the question of how long the transplanted hair grows varies according to the donor area. If the hair follicles in the neck are used as the donor area, your hair will grow at the same rate as your natural hair structure at the end of 1 year.

Nzmi Yogurtcu

An ever increasing number of people are getting a hair transplant to recuperate lost hair for different reasons, for example, age, hormonal elements, stress or hereditary causes.A hair transplant is a sensitive operation.The days and weeks promptly following the patient’s medical procedure is a significant time for recovering, something that can highly affect the general result of your procedure.Any action which doesn’t comply with the clinical guidance, unfortunately, may cause complications and decrease the chance of anticipated outcomes. The suggestions from your specialist will assist you with making the post-op period and the injury recovery as easy and asymptomatically as could reasonably be expected.

For the initial days, the patient may get back home legitimately after the hair transplant , however resting for a few days is basic to advance recovery. The patient shoould try its best not to scratch or pick at the injury and also keep away from any arduous exercises, for example, manual working, bowing, lifting or playing sports and warmth, cold or perspiring that may meddle with recovery. Swelling in the transplant zone is ordinary during the primary week. Anti-inflammatory medicine may very well might help and also ice packs put on individual’s temple, not the grafted zone , helps a lot. Fifteen minutes in two hours is enough. The patient should lay down with his/her head raised at the rate of 45 degrees for the initial three days, utilizing a neck pad or rest on his/her side or in a comfortable seat to keep pressure off the grafted area.

After the third day of the operation the patient need to wash his/her hair tenderly during shower time, make an effort not to pour water or add strain to the site where the follicles are planted. In the third to the fifth day after the operation the patient can utilize a glass or a little container and wash the area of the hair transplant. The patient should be careful to try not to utilize hair dryers in the initial fourteen days particularly those with hot air. Peels will begin coming off in 7 to 10 days after the operation, although it may take longer. Creams such as Bepantol can be used to soften the peels.

Although  hair transplant caused infections are uncommon, the patient have to be careful for minimal fourteen days to abstain dust and dirt, sweat and so on from entering the graft zone. The patient shouldn’t contact or scratch the grafted zone and report anything out of the ordinary such as redness, swelling to the specialist. Tingling or scratchiness in the grafted zone can be alleviated with standard sterile saline or with gels like aloe vera. Peels may begin coming off from the the grafted zone following seven to ten days.

In conclusion, it is ideal to carefully adhere to the guidelines that of the specialist. Besides, ideal patient healing time relies eventually on the patient, so the patient should take all the time they require to completely recover. The patients also need to be aware of that the new hair takes around 3 to 4 months to be grown, however at times, it may take as long as a half year. And, when the hair is ready, the patient can carry on with life all the more self assured, and content.

Hakan Aydogan

The causes of hair loss in men are always wondered. In most cases of male hair loss, androgenetic alopecia or male pattern hair loss is the main cause. After puberty, men’s hair naturally begins to become thinner.

About 20% of men in their twenties experience male pattern hair loss symptoms. This number rises to 40% for men in their 40s and to 50% for men in their 50s. It is useful to learn the causes of hair loss before researching what should be done for hair loss. Here are the most obvious reasons for hair loss in men

  • Genetics

Simply put, genetic hair loss is a familial disease. Genetics, which is also called hereditary in the society, is valid in many diseases, and if your family members have genetic diseases such as mother, father, uncle, etc., you may have the same problem. As age progresses, baldness develops and may require hair transplantation as a result. Reinforcement treatments, mesotherapies and PRP treatment, which are started at an early age, slow down the spill rate. Especially individuals with baldness problems in their family face the risk of hair loss.

  • Skin problems

Apart from the main genetic hair loss, skin and internal diseases also cause hair loss in men. Most skin-related spills occur when diseases involving the skin, affect the scalp. If hair is affected in diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, lichen disease, excessively oily skin, fungal diseases, hair loss may be inevitable.


  • Eating habits

Spills due to nutritional reasons are another common factor of hair loss in men. After all, hair is a living organ and it needs to be fed, too. Not eating a regular and balanced diet, long-term hunger, uniform diet and consuming foods high in carbohydrates can ultimately affect and cause hair loss. Protein-rich foods and healthy oils (Omega 3) should be your most important supporters on the road to an healthier and thicker hair. Drinking plenty of water will moisturize your hair and make it look more vibrant.


  • Hormonal problems

If the person has hormonal problems, such as increased hair growth, excessive acne, and accelerated weight gain, hair loss is added to these symptoms, this can be described as hormonal hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a testosterone-dependent hormone responsible for triggering the spilling process and occurs when testosterone reacts with an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase.

When the hair follicles are exposed to DHT, they start to shrink. This results in their hair being thinner and shorter. Over time, the hair from these follicles stops growing altogether. When more than half of the follicles in a certain part of the head are exposed to DHT, men experience hair loss.


  • Some internal diseases and drug usage

Some internal diseases; Thyroid gland diseases or drugs used for these diseases, rheumatic diseases, hormones used, weight loss pills, adrenal gland diseases, insulin resistance, diabetes etc. are other causes of hair loss. This situation must be thoroughly investigated by examinations and tests by specialist doctors.


  • Stress and depression

Excessive stress is another reason for hair loss as well as any disease. Depression, anxiety, psychosis and the drugs used in their treatment can affect the hair and cause it to spill.


  • Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

There is a link between smoking and increase of hair loss. If you need a reason to quit smoking, you should add hair loss to the top of this list. In addition to smoking, alcohol usage also plays an important role in hair loss. When you reduce smoking and alcohol, you will see that your hair grows brighter and stronger.

Nzmi Yogurtcu

Hair loss or weakness is a big problem for most people. Since hair plays a big role in people’s physical appearance, hair loss is an important problem that makes one think that it decreases the beauty and impressiveness of the person and thus creates psychological problems and reduces self-confidence.

Every person loses an average of 50-100 hair a day, and this is normal. If you find your hair falling on your comb or clothes, this hair is due to normal hair loss. However, if you feel that there is weakness in your hair strands and you think this fall is excessive, it is time to start taking precautions.

Possible causes of hair loss in women

There are many reasons for hair loss in women. However, if we need to list the main reasons, the following reasons may need to be considered.

  • Menapouse

Fifty percent of women approaching the age of 50 may experience hair loss in general. This situation may even become more intense after entering the menopause period. As the hormones support hair growth, when the estrogen hormone starts to decrease, the hair begins to change. Thus, the problem of hair loss occurs.

  • Various diseases

Diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, and anemia can also cause sudden hair loss. Apart from these, medical treatment methods of polycystic ovary syndrome and cancer disease also cause hair loss. Hemoglobin is the substance that repairs cells and carries oxygen to hair root cells. So if your hemoglobin is low, your hair will become weak, thin and fall out.

  • Stress, Trauma

Hair loss may increase after a stressful period or a traumatic event. Excessive stress levels shock our system, which causes hair to enter the telogen phase early. This can sometimes be up to 70% of the hair. We call this telogen effluvium and it may take up to 3 months to become visible.

  • Pregnancy

Hair loss may occur after pregnancy. Pregnancy and breastfeeding lead to an increase in estrogen levels, so hair may thicken and look fuller.

But after 3 – 4 months, when the hormone level returns to normal, hair loss may increase. However, if there is an excessive fall out, precautions should be taken.

  • Nutrition Order

Sudden weight loss due to diet can also cause hair loss. When the body cannot get the nutrients it needs, it only delivers enough to the vital organs such as the heart and brain. In this case, the food does not reach the hair and hair loss problem occurs. For this reason, it is essential to have a diet consisting of foods containing protein, iron, vitamin D and calcium! Also, Vitamin B12 deficiency is among the causes of hair loss as well as fatigue and weakness.

  • Not treating gently to hair

Hairstyles that stretch the scalp such as tight bun, taut ponytail, tightly braided hair are very tiring for the hair strands. Apart from these, processes such as heat styling, perm and Brazilian blow-dry also damage hair. Unfortunately, this harsh treatment applied to hair may return as hair loss.

  • Genetics

Regional hair loss in women is a condition called androgenic alopecia and is generally hereditary.

Therefore, first of all, the problem or disease causing hair loss should be determined before starting any treatment. After the problem is found, the most ideal solution should be produced against that problem. For detailed information, you can visit https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/female-hair-transplant/.

Hakan Aydogan

In the modern world, most men tend to lose hair due to various external factors and genetic factors. These external factors can cause hair loss due to factors such as unhealthy nutrition, use of chemical shampoo, medication use, drug abuse, psychological stress. As for genetic factors, various health reasons such as hormonal disorders, systemic diseases, hair growth disorders, genetic family disorders also cause hair loss. Hair loss due to these reasons, although there are additional treatments such as drugs and solutions, they do not give effective results as hair transplantation.

Hair Transplants are used for adding hair to areas where you have missing hair, and in the process back of your neck is used as a donor area, where thicker hair scalps are taken and transferred to places where the hair is missing. Moreover, Beard Transplants are used for circumstances in which patients have hardship in growing beard or some other reasons for beard loss as stress or some other dermatological diseases. With the latest technique of FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) hair and beard transplants both situations can be treated with. Fue is the latest transplant technique with more effective results compared to FUT and ending with more satisfying results in which satisfaction rate is %90.Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally invasive and helping patients to have more comfortable healing period compared to traditional methods.Most patients are able to return work and normal life activities in 48 hours without having any problems due to transplantation.

Furthermore, Hair Transplant treatment is a very permanent treatment in terms of results and your transplanted hair does not fall out, only a small part of it may fall out, which is very normal. Since the transplanted hair follicles do not shed and grow, it is possible to see the results at maximum levels between 2-6 months. However, hair loss can be observed in the areas of the patients where hair transplantation is not performed, and this may occur because the hair follicles complete their life span. As the transplanted hair and beard follicules, continue showing their characterics of their origin, and growing for life despite they are replaced to areas where the hair loss is shown but this situation is known as domination of donor area, and these FUE transplants graft has high success in growing and having the charachteristics of their own origin of the scalps. From these perspectives, hair and beard transplants are having very impressive and long lasting, permanent results. 

As a result, every individual who has experienced hair and beard loss due to the above reasons can achieve more effective and long-term results with hair and beard transplantation and regain their lost hair. With the hair and beard transplantation made with the FUE technique, it is possible to achieve permanent results and preserve the results you obtain for a lifetime. Since the grafts made with the FUE technique maintain their original structure in the area where they were transferred, your hair follicles will continue to grow and develop, and they will never fall out. In this way, you will have healthy and effective results.

For detailed information, you can visit https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/sapphire-fue-hair-transplant/

Hakan Aydogan

Hair loss treatments, especially hair transplant has become very common and preferable by people who suffer from this condition. With the latest technological developments and newly discovered and progressive techniques, hair loss is not a permanent problem anymore.

However, this popularity brings out lots of questions along, for the people who would like to go with hair transplant procedures; there are so many practices available with optional techniques and inclusive package offers from the specialists with different backgrounds and performed in different facilities all of which provides another appealing advantage. Which one is the best? Which one is the most suitable one for you? Is your hair transplant specialist qualified enough? What features does the best hair transplant specialist have?

There are some aspects we advise you to question before you decide on the specialist and the medical center for your hair transplant treatment. The hair transplant market is quite competitive; the high number of options is usually very confusing and the procedure is very open for misleading information. But do not worry, it is possible to reach out the best option for yourself by being careful with some delicate details.

While searching for the most suitable hair transplant surgery for yourself, the first thing to look for is the hair transplant specialist. The clinics may offer different services and they are important until a point, however, hair transplant specialist is the one who will perform the operation and your desired result will be in specialist’s hand. Of course, it is important to be careful with after-care services, check-up procedures and operation environment the clinics offer; and yet it is also important not to be stuck in those details and miss out the specialist factor.


It is important to question how many years has it been since your hair transplant specialist started practicing hair transplant and the number of the patients your specialist treated. Experience is a very important point; hair transplant is a procedure which requires hand skill and hand skill is a quality which develops by experience. Do not hesitate to ask about the level of experience of the hair transplant specialist in your consultation.

Training and Qualification

Another aspect you should question is the quality and the duration of the hair transplant specialist’s training. All necessary certifications and permits should comply the regulations. Unfortunately, there are still lots of practitioners who is not educated for hair transplant and does not comply the regulations; for the safety of your operation you should be careful with your specialist’s legal qualification details.


A quality hair transplant operation starts with a quality consultation session. Whether online or face-to-face, you should be sure that your condition has been given enough care and your expectations are very well understood. A good hair transplant specialist should listen to you very carefully and create an individualized treatment plan because every patient is unique and the most suitable treatment plans should be tailor made. Your hair transplant specialist needs to have necessary skills to analyze your condition accurately.


Is your hair transplant specialist able to perform the most suitable technique of hair transplant for your specific condition? There are numerous ways to perform hair transplant however not all of them are proper for every patient. The best technique for your individual case should be identified; make sure that your hair transplant specialist is experienced and fully qualified to perform the identified technique.


Hair transplant is a delicate operation requiring some qualifications of the specialist who is performing it. A hair transplant specialist should be predictive; it is necessary because the operation is performed after a detailed treatment planning and envision is very important to obtain best suitable results. Another important point is that a hair transplant specialist should be realistic and honest. There are limits for what this operation can do and your specialist should explain you the possibilities of the results to set an accurate target.

Before & after pictures and comments

An experienced hair transplant specialist should have a numerous before and after pictures ready to be shown to the new patients. Before and after pictures are very important for you to witness the change and envision your own change. Of course every hair transplant operation is unique; but then again, it is very visible if an operation is successful or not on before and after pictures. It is also beneficial to check out your hair transplant specialist’s former patients’ comments; although they are sometimes misleading, it can give you a rough idea about what to expect from the process.

The searching process for hair transplant is very essential; all details should be handled very carefully by the hair transplant candidate. Remember that your health and expectations come first and be careful about if your hair transplant specialist is paying enough attention to you.

In Mono Hair Transplant Clinic, we take our patients’ well-being and desires as the priority; all of our hair transplant specialists are the most talented, attentive and highly qualified ones in their branch. Our experienced medical consultants will be there to help you with identifying your needs before your detailed consultation and examination made by our hair transplant specialist. In order to get your individualized treatment plan and learn more about our hair transplant techniques in a free online consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime; our dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to meet you!

For free consultation, visit https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/free-consultation/.

Nzmi Yogurtcu

It is totally normal to see some of your hair shedding every day; nobody gets stressed about it. However, when this amount increases to a large degree, people get nervous and first question coming to their mind is “Am I getting bald?”. This is an early assumption of course; there is a huge rate of people not going completely bald as a result of their hair loss condition or even their hair grow back. And yet, hair loss addresses to a problem to solve for sure.

There are different types of hair loss and the reasons behind them may vary. The possibility of your fallen hair to grow back again depends on the type of hair loss you experience and whether the causes are curable or not. While in some cases it is not predictable if it will grow back again or not, usually an insight can be given after a detailed examination made by a professional. This examination covers the measurement of some blood values and questions about your medical history. Depending on the type and results, your specialist will recommend you a treatment plan either to get your hair grow back again or to replace your fallen hair.

In order to have an idea about the possibility of your hair to grow back again, there are some questions you can ask yourself.

  • Which part of your scalp is effected from hair loss?

The pattern and the area of hair loss gives strong clues about the type of your hair loss. Is it your frontal scalp? Is your hairline receding back? If yes, there is a high chance that you are experiencing male pattern hair loss- in medical terms, Androgenetic Alopecia. In this condition, hair is not expected to grow back again by itself. Is the hair from different part of your body falls out in a patchy pattern? This shows the Alopecia Areata which is a condition at which it is not usually possible to know if your hair will grow back again or not without a professional opinion

  • Is any of your family member experience hair loss?

Hair loss can be hereditary; check out the hair history of your family. If there is anybody with this problem, it is a high possibility that your hair loss is genetic and not caused by stress or any other illness. The most preferred and effective solution for this would be hair transplant as the chance of your fallenhair grows back again is very low in this condition.

  • Do you have any known medical condition that may cause your hair to fall?

Some diseases may cause healthy tissues like hair follicles to fail. Most common medical conditions causing hair loss are thyroid imbalance, hormonal issues and immune system disorders. There may be a chance for your hair to grow back again if you have an illness causing damaging your hair structure; the first step of the solution should be identifying the condition behind and taking action against it. When you remove the illness or disorder, your hair may grow back again with some help of proper medication prescribed by your doctor. However, in some cases hair does not respond to the medication although the reason of hair loss is cured. In those cases, hair transplant gives the most permanent and most effective results again.

Apart from these questions, you can also ask yourself if your hair loss can be caused from aging or your high stress level. These two factors are the reasons of many hair loss condition for both men and women. If you are still 35 and experience hair loss, it is a strong sign of Androgenetic Alopecia and your fallen hair is not likely to grow back again; your doctor may suggest you some ways to slow it down or hair restoration techniques if you would prefer a permanent solution. If you are a person very much under the stress, you may have your hair grow back again if you would be able to eliminate the stress factor.

The best way to answer “Does fallen hair grow back?” question is to get a professional opinion and a detailed examination along with all necessary tests. In Mono Hair Transplant Clinic, our specialists will give you detailed insights of your hair loss condition and suggest you the necessary treatments suitable for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and free online consultation. For detailed information, you can visit https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/.


Hakan Aydogan

   Did you know that approximately %40 of men around the world suffer from baldness by the age of 35? This rate increases to %70 by the age of 80. Hair loss is a very commonly experienced problem worldwide, especially for European and North American countries.

There are many variations of hair loss which are caused by so many different reasons. Gladly, almost every type of hair loss has a suitable solution and it is mostly hair transplant. While deciding to have a hair transplant or any other hair treatment and planning your personalized treatment plan with your hair transplant specialist, it is important to identify the type of your hair loss and figure out the reasons behind the problem. An action to remove the reason of hair loss may be necessary or a special kind of technique may be suitable for your individual condition. Therefore, it is very essential to mention about your medical history and timeline of your hair loss in your consultations.

  What are the types of hair loss?

Hair loss can be also referred as “alopecia” and it is caused by some part of the body mechanism blocking the hair growth. It may occur in any part of the body, however causes the biggest discomfort when it occurs in scalp area. Type of the hair loss and the reasons behind it can be identified by a specialist.

Androgenetic Alopecia: Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common type of hair loss for both men and women. It is usually referred as “male pattern hair loss” and “female pattern hair loss”. This type of hair loss is hereditary and progressive. DHT hormone is the key point of hair loss happening to people who have hereditarily sensitive hair follicles to this hormone. Androgenetic Alopecia is more common for male and it may start even in puberty period. It starts and progresses from the frontal scalp through the back of head and can lead to complete baldness. For women, Androgenetic Alopecia does not cause a receding hairline but it is observed as hair thinning all over the scalp. Female pattern hair loss usually does not lead to complete baldness.

Alopecia Areata: This condition is caused by an autoimmune system’s problem; immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles with some other healthy tissues in the body. This type of hair loss can happen in every age and can appear suddenly. It can be observed as patchy bald parts on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes or other parts of the body. In this type of hair loss, medication may be helpful for hair to regrow however, a professional opinion on your individual condition is necessary in order to find out about the most suitable treatment plan.

Telogen Effluvium: Telogen Effluvium is another type of hair loss related to the growing cycle of hair follicles. It happens when a high number of hair follicles gets into the resting period but the growing period does not start afterwards. The existing hair sheds and new hair does not come out. The reasons may be usage of certain medications, vitamin or iron deficiency, thyroid irregularity, pregnancy or surgeries. This type of hair loss does not usually result in full baldness.

Apart from the most common ones above, there are so many of hair loss types such as; Anagen Effluvium, Tinea Capitis, Cicatricial Alopecia, Involutional Alopecia, Alopecia Universalis and more. These are the ones less commonly experienced by the people and the reasons of them may vary. In order to find out about the reasons and types of the hair loss, the best and safest way is to get a consultation from a specialist. After some blood tests and physical examinations, the type of hair loss can be identified easily and a treatment plan can be created accordingly.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic offers free online consultation sessions given by experienced medical consultants and hair transplants specialists. If you would like to figure out the types of hair loss and want to take action about it, please contact us to get further information and a personalized treatment plan.

Nzmi Yogurtcu

Turkey has been a popular destination for those who would like to get a quality hair transplant treatment. Hair transplant is a sensitive operation requires delicacy, professional approach and proper aftercare. There are number of reasons why Turkey comes first when people consider having hair transplant treatment; the country offers hair transplant procedures with multiple advantages.

   Appealing location and tourist attractions

Turkey is located in very accessible position for those who live in European and Asian countries. It stands in between two continents; the important position of the country allows patients who seek for hair transplant treatment to travel easily whichever country they are coming from. There are wide connections of airlines offers flights to Turkey every day and every hour.

Turkey has so many touristic attractions; we receive lots of visitors in every season of the year since there are a wide range of attractions tourists can enjoy in every weather condition and every period. Historical places, monuments and museums take place in every city of Turkey. Surrounded by the sea in its three sides, Turkey also has very attractive summer holiday opportunities. Coast line of Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, offers so many options for those who would like to enjoy the lovely weather, the sea and the sand.

People who would like to have a hair transplant can easily enjoy all the attraction available in the time of their journey since the operation allows patients to get back to their daily lives a day after. Many of our patients enjoy discovering the city, tasting food from the local cuisine, walking in the coast line or shopping in the most famous bazaar of the city a day after their operation. Hair transplant has been a chance to have a nice holiday in a beautiful country for many people.

   Most affordable and all-inclusive package prices

Turkey answers with the cheapest package prices to hair transplant patients asking “Why should I have a hair transplant in Turkey?”. The currency difference allows many people from especially European countries to buy treatment packages with lowest rates available. Most of the hair transplant prices are designed in package format in Turkey. These packages usually cover the accommodation, airport and inner-city transfers, necessary medication including shampoos and lotions, pre-operative tests, online and face to face consultations, check-ups and 7/24 reachable, multilingual assistant. The daily life is very cheap in Turkey comparing European countries; that allows the medical centers to arrange every package detail from the best facilities. Patients of Mono Hair Transplant Clinic buy their treatment with the lowest package prices and get benefit of the package details with the most quality options. Accommodation, VIP transfers and the partner hospitals are meticulously chosen for our patients; we have a cozy Mono Villa in the center of the city, agreements with multiple luxury hotels and hospitals providing our patients with a holiday-like journey for their treatment. All of your arrival details like your flight tickets and reservations will be taken care of by help of Mono Team with flexible appointment options for your procedure date.

   High number of practices and most developed hair transplant techniques

The concept of hair has been an important aspect of human aesthetics for Turkish people for many years; the hair transplant practices are being performed for a long time which makes the hair transplant specialists in Turkey very experienced and expert in their branch. Hair transplant is performed using the latest techniques like FUE and most developed technological devices; the high qualification of hair transplant specialists of Turkey allows them to use the best medical options available. The specialists of Mono Hair Transplant Clinic are very talented and they have the highest success rates on the most natural results.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is located in İzmir which is a very beautiful city of Turkey with all its touristic attractions. All of your package details are arranged delicately in order to give you a wonderful process; we promise you an affordable and enjoyable hair transplant journey!


Mono Clinic is a high-end boutique clinic which offers high-quality medical procedures on many different branches. We are happy to serve patients from all around the world and initiate their journey to the wellness and aesthetic.

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