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“I am going to tell you about my full on experience from beginning until now at Mono Surgery Clinic;

So, at the start, as a man, as I’m 35 and I had massive receding hairline for my industry for my business, for taking pictures and everything, I was not happy. And we found Mono Surgery. Day 1, I had my blood test taken, I got brought back to the amazing Villa with the pool and amazing room. So the day of my surgery, they picked me up, they took me to the surgery, they drew on my head which everyone had laughed at.

From arriving to the sitting in the chair and having the actual hair put in my head and surgery start with the matter of 30 minutes. So we’ve saying hello to everyone I was ready on the way. Within 4 hours they was nearly done.

Any questions I might have had, Mono Clinic and the amazing staff who were all around- and you-have made me feel at ease and made everyone feel perfect. I have been in constant contact with the Mono Team and not only around us-they have been taking me places and show me around but also the surgeons and the actual Mono team who I talked with in the UK, and they’ve been in constant contact making sure I’m OK, making sure there is anything I need, and if there is any questions I need answering. There has been no pain, there has been no bloods, no aches, no tears, no nothing; as soon as I got it done, just smiles.”

Jordan Darrell-Creative Director and Choreographer of Dream Boys

Treatment Packages including accommodation, VIP transfers, all medical fees, personal assistant, pre-operative tests and check ups.

Hair of Istanbul hair transplant center is one of the world leading hair transplant clinic based on their success rate in their results. Hair Transplant Izmir Turkey Hair transplantation is the only permanent long-term solution for baldness. What is FUE Hair Transplantation? FUE hair transplant is the most common method of hair transplant. With FUE Hair Transplant London, FUE method allows transplantation of chest and back hair. Those hair adapts to features of hair at the transplant site and survives with the same appearance. Hair transplantation is a surgical method of hair restoration. Modern hair transplant surgery offers natural and undetectable results.

5 Star Hotel Accommodation

All VIP Transfers

Personal Assistant Reachable 7/24

Clinic Mono arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for hair transplant Turkey; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey. All of your arrival details will be arranged with our arrival assistants from the best facilities available.

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  • Explain your desired result from Hair Transplant and submit your pictures for consultation.
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Best Package Prices

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic offers the most affordable all-inclusive package prices without compromising quality principles; there will be no hidden costs coming out when you arrive and you will get the maximum number of grafts depending on your scalp structure.

Quality Service

Everything arranged is chosen among the best quality facilities in Turkey: luxury Mono Aftercare Villa special for patients, agreements with centrally located 5 Star Hotels and comfortable VIP transfers are the best in the city.

Special Group Discounts

You have a friend who also wants to have a Hair Transplant in Turkey? Bring your friends and get a group booking discount!

Latest Technology

Techniques we use for Hair Transplant, allow us to work with the most developed technologic devices and this leads us to permanent and natural results.

Experienced Staff

Everything arranged is chosen among the best quality facilities in Turkey: luxury Mono Aftercare Villa special for patients, agreements with centrally located 5 Star Hotels and comfortable VIP transfers are the best in the city.

Flexibility on Appointments

You decided to book but you do not know the dates? You can book for your Hair Transplant treatment and pick a date for your operation within 12 months. Mono Arrival Team will contact you and help you to pick your date.

Get a free, personalized treatment plan for Hair Transplant Turkey; find out about details and package prices.

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Mono Hair Transplant Clinic offers free online consultation made with our experienced medical consultants and hair transplant specialist doctor. Our medical consultants will reach you and inform you about the procedure and all the process; we will create a personalized treatment plan according to your expectations, health condition and opinion of our hair transplant specialist on your condition.

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Hair Transplant Procedures in Turkey

A hair transplant operation requires medical proficiency, experience and related qualifications in order to achieve a desirable and natural result. Turkey has been the most popular destination for a long time now, for those who seek for a Hair Transplants Turkey by providing the best quality services, high rates of success on the results, very low prices and so many tourist attractions around the country. Because of the currency differences, cheap daily life costs, lower labor cost and the high number of active practices in this branch, Hair Transplant in Turkey becomes advantageous for UK and European patients.
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The advantageous location of  Clinic Mono in Turkey, gives the patients a chance to have a good and affordable holiday in a very beautiful and exotic city along with their Hair Transplant treatment. You will be greeted by our experienced international team at the airport and accompanied to the professional and hospitable environment of Mono Hair Transplant. Our team will be there for you 7/24 through your stay.  The hospital and the clinic are both internationally accredited facilities; all equipped by the latest technologic devices and following strict medical hygienic principles. Your treatment plan will be done delicately by providing you the maximum number of the grafts that is aesthetically and medically appropriate for your condition and your procedure will be done by a hair transplant specialist doctor who has a success rate of %90 up to %100 on hair regrowth.

Our medical consultants are looking forward to proceed with your online consultation and reply your inquiries.

Key Facts of the Procedure

Operation duration: 3-6 hours
Recovery: Patients can get back to daily life within a day, wounds will disappear in 15 days.
Stay: 4-5 days in our Mono Villa or contracted 5 Star Hotel.
Risks and Complications: Scars, bleeding, infection, swelling, itching.
Sedation: Local Anesthesia
Results: Between 6-12 months, hair growth cycle settles and results become visible.

Get more information; learn more about package details and finance options.

Hair transplantation. It is a treatment made by taking your own body hairs, especially from the neck area, and uses it in the areas of hair loss. In hair transplantation by FUT method, the surgeon can get among the existing hairs and hair transplantation can be practiced without cutting any hair.
The hair transplant before and after turkey results is the most important aspect of the entire procedure. A hair transplant operation in Turkey is not just a medical procedure. Hair Transplantation. Hair Transplantation is performed by taking healthy hair follicles by using different methods (FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction),

Why Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is a privilege for patients seeking Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Monoplant Hair Clinic offers privileged hair transplant Turkey experiences with personalized treatment plans, successful results and the most affordable prices for international patients seeking for the best hair transplant in Turkey. The priorities of hair transplant procedures in Monoplant Hair Clinic are safety, well-being and satisfaction of the patients.

Hair transplant turkey treatment is a method frequently used by people with hair loss problems today. Hair transplantation is done to add more hair to an area that may be thinning or balding. Methods of hair transplant. In general, the process of hair transplant involves two parts. FUE Method. Hair loss in society can be seen both men and women, it is a health problem which effects person’s life quality in negatively.

To preserve our significant place among hair transplants Turkey, we keep our procedures up to date and involve the newest technologies and medical advancements to our treatments rapidly and expertly.

Monoplant Hair Clinic values the overall hair transplant Turkey experience and arranges all the details about the treatment journey for those looking for the best quality hair transplant clinic in Turkey with the high quality services and facilities to achieve the maximum level of patients’ comfort and content.

Monoplant Clinic package of hair transplant in Turkey includes;

  • Accommodation
  • VIP transfers
  • Maximum number of grafts with suitable technique
  • Medications and shampoos
  • First washing session
  • Itinerary support
  • Multilingual personal assistant

Monoplant Hair Organizes Every Detail of Your Hair Transplant in Turkey in Advance

For the convenience of your Turkey hair transplant treatment, dedicated Monoplant team arranges all the details of your journey before your arrival. Starting from the online consultation until the time you achieve your results, Monoplant medical consultants will assist you with all of your questions and concerns. Monoplant arrival team will help you with everything you need about the itinerary of your hair transplant Turkey journey to save you time, money and effort.

 FUE Hair Transplant. DHI Hair Transplant. Organic Hair Transplant. Unshaven Hair Transplant. Long Hair Transplant. Facial Hair Transplant FUE Hair Transplantation. FUE hair transplantation is a common aesthetic surgery for the permanent solution of baldness.

All the facilities included in your package are delicately selected from the most quality, hygienic and comfortable options in the city. Monoplant Hair Clinic has a beautiful Aftercare Villa near the city center and 5-star, luxury partner hotels to provide all patients with maximum comfort in their Turkey hair transplant aftercare process.

Another privilege of Monoplant Hair for hair transplants Turkey is the ideal clinical and hospital environment; centrally located clinic and hospital which are all equipped by newest technological opportunities offer our patients a luxury and hygienic environment. The advantageous location of Monoplant Hair Transplant Clinic gives the patients a chance to have a nice and affordable holiday in a very beautiful and exotic city along with their best hair transplant in Turkey treatment.

Experienced and Talented Hair Transplant Team

Hair transplant specialists of Monoplant Hair Clinic are internationally certified; treatments offered by our hair transplant clinic have a success rate of %90 up to %100; the method our talented specialists use allows us to benefit from the most developed technological devices of the branch and gets us to the most effective and natural results.

Your assigned medical consultant will continue to assist you and follow the progress of your hair transplant results after you get back to your country; we will be only a call or a message away in anytime you need.

Personalized and Extensive Hair Transplant Turkey Treatment Plan

Your hair transplant price will not be based on the number of grafts necessary for your condition; the maximum number of grafts your hair loss area needs will be determined on your hair transplant Turkey consultation and your treatment plan will not alter the overall package price. First washing session after the procedure will be done in our hair transplant clinic by the hair transplant specialists before you get back home for the safety recovery of the surgical site. The medications, shampoos and lotions you will need in order to support your hair regrowth after the hair transplant in Turkey will be covered in the inclusive package.

We will be delighted to see you in Monoplant Hair Clinic for the best hair transplant in Turkey. Please fill out the free consultation form to contact us; our dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to assess your individual hair loss condition and initiate your Turkey hair transplant experience.


Mono Clinic is a high-end boutique clinic which offers high-quality medical procedures on many different branches. We are happy to serve patients from all around the world and initiate their journey to the wellness and aesthetic.

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